Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tata sky.

Tried to blog from my nokia phone using opera web browser seems it didn't worked.Guys i got tata sky installed on 20/10/2006 and yes its better than the old cable service.
I am getting all the good channels From Star, Sony and ZEE.There music oriented channels are yet to start.For Now i am happy that i dont have to rue over poor audio and video quality.Highly recommended.Cost Rs 4550.Go for it.
Happy to see my first post on web its a sense of empowerment.Its a sunny hot humid and sticky day in Mumbai.Its also a day when North indians from UP and Bihar celebrate 'Chatth' the worshipping of the All powerfull SUN.The faithfull will bow to sun god when it goes down in sea and tmrw they will be there at the beach to welcome it when its morning.Hope to catch that wonderful moment.
Hi was reading an interview in DNA with the lady who has stormed the world of blogging and made it cool and bold yes "the girl with one track mind".A thought came me too can have something to share to the world for like minded people and here i am blogging my first page.