Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Hi in my post today will try to dispel some myths about GPRS.General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) is a mobile data service available to users of GSM.

GPRS data transfer is typically charged per megabyte of transferred data, while data communication via traditional circuit switching is billed per minute of connection time, independently of if the user actually has transferred data or been in an idle state. GPRS can be utilized for services such as WAP access, SMS and MMS, but also for Internet communication services such as email and web access.
Here in India we have the most economical GPRS available on Airtel prepaid with a daily fixed charge of Inr 7,it gives you unlimited download and uploading facility.With this one can be on net 24*7 by using a Nokia series 60 phone and using opera mini free browser from
More in next post.....

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Retail sector.

I had posted earlier about a probable alliance between Walmart and Airtel for getting in retail in India.Its a confirmed news now.last night Mr Sunil mittal announced his agreement with Walmart of USA for starting a pan India Retail venture encompassing all sizes Mega Big small.....With an estimated investment of 600 crores.

But it pales in significance when compared to 25000Crores of Reliance Retail.Mr Biyani of Future group showed a brave face by saying that the entry of other player dosnt hamper there plan.

Moreover the first to start RPG are not a big player any more.Its going to be exciting times for consumers as the first walmart store is scheduled to roll out by 15Aug 2007.Amen.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Bombay changing.

Yes that's true Bombay is changing with each passing day,you have new swanky malls, flyovers and multiplexes.The good old single screen theaters are getting changed to four or five screen ones.The latest to change was old world charm Metro,which is now METRO ADLABS owned by the Sheetys of Adlabs and Anil Ambani.The PVR of Delhi are here so are Hiranandanis into multiplexes and malls.
The most splendid and upmarket is the ATRIA at worli which houses nothing less than Rolls Royce.The Bombay janta can expect more with Reliance retail headed by Mr Mukesh Ambani going to open a mega store. Coming shortly Wall mart in association with Mr Sunil Bharti Mittals Airtel.Local players are also trying there best recent example being the Orchid mall at Nagpada in Mumbai Central.Its wonderful to see people changing according to the changing times.A sunday in a mall is so crowded that we have stopped to travel and roam on Sundays.
Keep reading about more changes in Bombay

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Its been asked to me many a times that being a farmers son why am i not in to farming.the area i belong to is a very fertile one with good infrastructure.I asked my father the question he gave a very thought provoking answer or rather counter The farmer s f Maharashtra and Andhra are considered very advanced and rich they are in to cash crops and edibles they are the role models then why are they committing suicide daily???? He raised this question in a meeting of Rajendar agri uni meeting and the specialist advising to ape Andhara and Maharashtra model were left speechless.Period.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Go Air offer.

Go air is a Bombay dying group company which started operations last year around same time.It has carved its niche as a no frill airlines with attitude as it is not as cheap as Deccan or spice but in the mid level as compared to legacy players like Jet air and Indian.
They have a good on time performance and the cabin crew is a vibrant lot,today go has offered some limited seats on select sectors for free for travel in march2007. So take this opportunity with both hands and log in to Go air.Happy travelling.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Sorry for not posting for some time.Promise to be regular again.Want you guys to use a new service called wikimapia its a combination of Wikipedia and Google Earth.One can find where one lives and the surroundings using satellite imaging provided by google,like wikipedia one can edit the site by updating local facts.Do check out.Guys and Galls in cities like Mumbai and Delhi have advantage as these places are well detailed.So check out and Enjoy.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Big Boss.

Those of you who have seen this show will immediately recall whats its name.
For the UN initiated its a TV show on SET that is(Sony entertainment television).
Endemol is the programming company and the Host is Arshad warsi(Circuit).The show is a live in one with 13 famous bollywood persona locked in a big house under the eye of television camera.
They have access to no music no tv no reading and any outside activities.Every week one of the contestant is to be voted out of the house by peoples vote.One who remains till end wins a huge amount of money.
Now here it gets nasty as the sincere and decent people change in to conniving and bitching manipulators,camps and politics.
I have been following it closely its a good example of social behavior in a stressed environment.....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Indian Telecom.

It was in the year 1999 when i first came to Mumbai.I was fascinated by a small gizmo called cellular phone.I came from a village where my family was the first to get a BSNL land line in 1990.It was not UN common to have phone lines disturbed due to one reason or other.We use to ask the operator to connect us for trunk call,and wait till the phone rang!!!
Now here i was in Mumbai so i had to be a step ahead so i invested in something called a Pager in 2000.The service was provided by Mobilink,those who wanted to give me a message use to call a phone number and say the message to the operator who in turn will type it and it will get relayed by radio waves.It worked fine and i was in touch with those who wanted to be in touch.
In 2001 Manoj Uncle went to USA and left behind a MOTOROLA big phone as big as old Cordless ones.So i got a BPL MOBILE connection and was connected.Incoming or outgoing all calls were charged Rs 4 a minute.So it was a miss call game,people will give miss call and i ll call from a PCO.
Compare that with the HUTCH corporate Sim i got today,incoming free in a State,350 national SMS free,All calls made to my company in my state free,all calls to local HUTCH no 15 paise/min.
And many more perks will be rolled out soon.
Now this is called a sea change in sector which is showing the highest growth in world and bringing in global companies like VODAFONE,NOKIA,ERICKSON and MOTOROLA.Amen....

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jehangir art gallary.

There is a place in Mumbai called Kala Ghoda(Black horse).Its called the Art district as its home to Jehangir art gallery,NCGM,Museum,Prince of Wales museum,etc.
Its my favorite hang out in noon when i am free for two hours after Dr calls.I visit these galleries and see contemporary as well as traditional art.Its such wonderful break from rush hour traffic outside.I suggest you to visit a gallery a month and find the inner voice of you soul.

Low cost airlines.

How many of you were used to be essentially train travellers before the arrival of Air Deccan,Spice jet,Go air,Indigo.
Chances are 95% of us .Take this scenario in consideration now we plan our holidays and trips in advance and can fly from Mumbai to Delhi for as less as Rs 1000.00. I use to travel to Delhi to meet my sister by Rajdhani exp which in third ac use to cost 1500.00,Time taken in journey 16-17 hrs.A flight takes 1hr 55min Take half an hour more.See from my angle i save 14-15 hr and 500 bucks to.So there is no question what will i prefer.
Some guys ridicule the low cost model for not serving Hot meal and Drinks , my advice to them is to fly Kingfisher,Jet Sahara and company,For person like me Air Deccan and Spice jet will always be cool.....

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

MInd boggling.

Earlier in the day posted about Diabetes.In course of my daily work meet many big Dr's and its a scary scenario.Friends take time out and exercise eat healthy and reduce stress.Lets strive to lead a healthy life.

World Diabetes Day.

Today is WDD(World diabetes day).Whats the need for it to be celebrated or talked about.For me it was a disease which was associated with Filthy rich families and not meant for average middle class people like us.But that has changed in the last year
1.My sister who has a terrible miscarriage in the last week of pregnancy(May 2005) was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes in June this year
2.Her husband was also found to be having very high sugar level in a random checkup.Now he is on strict diet
3.My mother in law who has survived Breast cancer and is now off medicine under the TATA memorial Hospital Mumbai,has been found to have 256 fasting and 426 after food
The normal limit is ,120.Sugar level above this is dangerous.The sedentary lifestyle and excessive sugar intake is the prime reason.So check your sugar uptake put on your jogging shoe and start running.Diabetes not only makes you weak and exhausted it also damages your Eyes,kidney,Nerves, Heart and may lead to amputation!!!/
The International Diabetes Federation estimates that more than 230 million people around the world have diabetes. This total is expected to rise to 350 million by 2025. Each year a further 7 million people develop diabetes


Public and professional awareness of the risk factors for and the symptoms of diabetes are an important step towards its control and prevention.
Diabetes prevention can be categorized into two groups

Primary prevention

Secondary prevention

Primary prevention identifies and protects individuals at risk from developing diabetes. It therefore has an impact by reducing both the need for diabetes care and the need to treat diabetes-related complications.
While there is yet no conclusive evidence to suggest that type 1 diabetes can be prevented, primary prevention of type 2 diabetes is potentially possible.
Lifestyle changes aimed at weight control and increased physical activity are important objectives in the prevention of type 2 diabetes. The benefits of reducing body weight and increasing physical activity are not confined to type 2 diabetes; they also play a role in reducing heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.
Secondary prevention involves the early detection and prevention of complications, therefore reducing the need for treatment.
Action taken early in the course of diabetes is more beneficial in terms of quality of life and is more cost-effective, especially if this action can prevent hospitalization.
There is now conclusive evidence that good control of blood glucose levels can substantially reduce the risk of developing complications and slow their progression in all types of diabetes. The management of high blood pressure and raised blood lipids (fats) is equally important
So spread word about Diabetes and chose a healthy life style....

Monday, November 13, 2006

New blog.

For my Discerning thinking friends and audience i have started a new blog today which is a bit complex as it tries to decipher the Indian thought process,ie why we think the way we we think?
Is it our ethos our surroundings our upbringing or a factor of all these.It will be engrossing challenging and welcome and participate.
Amit shekhar.


Air deccan.

On Sunday the 12Th Deccan opened bookg for the month of Apr May June 2007.This means that if you plan now your Summers vacation you can get an air ticket for as less as RS 1050.00 inclusive of all taxes.So Go ahead an plan now.I have my self availed of these low fare on number of times .And those of you who criticise the low cost model in Air travel can continue to fly to Delhi on Kingfisher by paying 18000.00.God bless.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bombay hospital.

About the another conference at Bombay hospital will update tomorrow as i have to rush for a birthday party.See you all.Keep reading and keep me posted too....

Grand Hyatt.

Sorry couldn't post yesterday as returned quite late in night.Attended the gastro conference at Hotel Grand Hyatt.It was my Sixth Conference there and i come impressed every time.Its a mind boggling three thousand delegates all breaking for Lunch, tea,and breakfast at the same time.But the show goes on without a hitch as everything is taken care of.Some times you end up with shortage of hot rotis but that's for few minutes only.I must confess there breakfast spread in morning is the best with high calorie pretzels,doughnuts, fruit curd, juice ,Fresh bread and Exotic fruits.
I wonder how many of the Dr's remain alert while talks after such soul foods.But being a foodie i enjoy these once in a while outings when i am supposed to be maintaining a stall with help of wannabe model ,whom we call Promo girls.Dr's come to stalls to know about products but end up staring at curvaceous models.But that's what we want,we want them to stay at our stall for long so they see my products and rush to hall for another scientific session.But the smarter Dr's give time to all good companies stalls as they to devise some plan to catch there attention.One company was distributing big packs of Lays with tea......

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Google search added.

Hi all.
I have added google search to my site to facilitate your search need.Now you can directly search from my site using google.Tomorrow i am going to attend two conferences one at Hotel Grand Hyatt and other at Bombay Hospital.One at Grand Hyatt is for Gastroenterologist and the other at Bombay Hosp is of Anaesthesiologist or the Pain Management guys,So wait for the post about these two activities .......

Feed back.

Hi was talking to one of my friends and asked him has he seen my blog and he said he checks it twice daily to see what i have posted.That's so sweet and encouraging.My request please do post your comments positive or negative.Eagerly waiting for your responses More soon......

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Which phone to buy.

As posted earlier my company has decided to change our CDMA phones from Reliance to a GSM based player.Earlier we had all been using a LG RD 3020 so no personalities no choices and no quirky ness.Now as the company has asked all to buy there own handsets a quest has began to find the best phone available.
Now the office is ranting with all the techno gyan people are passing to each other.
Big boys talking over a small gadgets.Nice for a techno lover....

Testosterone and Technology.

Is there any co- relation in these two words?
Yes according to me there is.
Why we men are obsessed with our tiny or often big gizmo's.And let our wives or girl friends burn in anger or jealousy over the kind of attention we give to our Compaq laptop,Nokia cell phone.Apple I pod,Sony Cybershot or for that matter our Car or Bajaj Pulsar.
The new gadgets keep on coming and the possessiveness keeps increasing.What makes us drool on these shiny devils which make a bigger hole in our pockets than the costliest gift to our gal ever, but we part with our money any way.The list keeps growing as i said so is the drooling....
Any one with any idea on this worldwide phenomenon please enlighten....

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sweet sunday.

It was a rather lazy sunday when i got up at 9am with my kid got freshen up and we both were out in open playing cricket,till we were exausted and wanted some water.
Gave bath to my daughter,This is an act which has been my responsibilty since she was born.And i say that the time we spend with each other is quality and it has gone a long way in making our bond strong.The way children play with water soap and shampoo gives me the hint that its we who make our lives complicated, look at the child and unlearn.
Adi is growing to be a independent and adorable child(we are not allowed to hold her hand out in public as she prefers to walk alone).We take utmost care as parents to her wellbeing from giving all Johnson and johnson products to Cerelac to Juniour horlics.(Writing brand names to help those of you who are wannabe parents).I do not drink Real juice out of the inhibition that its costly but i ensure she gets either REal,Tropicana or Appy. Thats the joy of parenthood i wear a 600-800 bucks Peter England shirt but i happily buy a Jini and jonny for her.
And trust me i have become big fan of POGO.From Noddy to Oswald to Mr Bean To Takeshis castel... Being with a child aged 2yr8 month is learnig and exploring the world with a new angle and its wonderfull. Bliss.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Hi was invited to an interview for An openiung in the API Division for international marketing.had a one to one for 15 min.Was wondering that need not travel to see and talk to a person and work is done.The infrastrucure was provided by Reliance.Good one but they have not been agressive in Marketing it.As for my interview it went well and usual it was nice talking will let you know.Lets see...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mumbai to Shanghai.

with a friend visited some bussiness area of Masjid the frnd was looking for a office space for his distribution company.It was so surprising to see filthy roads and dirty corridors but clean seemed people have become so much complacent that they no more worry about the place and Hygine.
How can we make a shanghai out of Mumbai with this attitude.