Saturday, November 11, 2006

Grand Hyatt.

Sorry couldn't post yesterday as returned quite late in night.Attended the gastro conference at Hotel Grand Hyatt.It was my Sixth Conference there and i come impressed every time.Its a mind boggling three thousand delegates all breaking for Lunch, tea,and breakfast at the same time.But the show goes on without a hitch as everything is taken care of.Some times you end up with shortage of hot rotis but that's for few minutes only.I must confess there breakfast spread in morning is the best with high calorie pretzels,doughnuts, fruit curd, juice ,Fresh bread and Exotic fruits.
I wonder how many of the Dr's remain alert while talks after such soul foods.But being a foodie i enjoy these once in a while outings when i am supposed to be maintaining a stall with help of wannabe model ,whom we call Promo girls.Dr's come to stalls to know about products but end up staring at curvaceous models.But that's what we want,we want them to stay at our stall for long so they see my products and rush to hall for another scientific session.But the smarter Dr's give time to all good companies stalls as they to devise some plan to catch there attention.One company was distributing big packs of Lays with tea......

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