Thursday, November 16, 2006

Indian Telecom.

It was in the year 1999 when i first came to Mumbai.I was fascinated by a small gizmo called cellular phone.I came from a village where my family was the first to get a BSNL land line in 1990.It was not UN common to have phone lines disturbed due to one reason or other.We use to ask the operator to connect us for trunk call,and wait till the phone rang!!!
Now here i was in Mumbai so i had to be a step ahead so i invested in something called a Pager in 2000.The service was provided by Mobilink,those who wanted to give me a message use to call a phone number and say the message to the operator who in turn will type it and it will get relayed by radio waves.It worked fine and i was in touch with those who wanted to be in touch.
In 2001 Manoj Uncle went to USA and left behind a MOTOROLA big phone as big as old Cordless ones.So i got a BPL MOBILE connection and was connected.Incoming or outgoing all calls were charged Rs 4 a minute.So it was a miss call game,people will give miss call and i ll call from a PCO.
Compare that with the HUTCH corporate Sim i got today,incoming free in a State,350 national SMS free,All calls made to my company in my state free,all calls to local HUTCH no 15 paise/min.
And many more perks will be rolled out soon.
Now this is called a sea change in sector which is showing the highest growth in world and bringing in global companies like VODAFONE,NOKIA,ERICKSON and MOTOROLA.Amen....

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