Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Low cost airlines.

How many of you were used to be essentially train travellers before the arrival of Air Deccan,Spice jet,Go air,Indigo.
Chances are 95% of us .Take this scenario in consideration now we plan our holidays and trips in advance and can fly from Mumbai to Delhi for as less as Rs 1000.00. I use to travel to Delhi to meet my sister by Rajdhani exp which in third ac use to cost 1500.00,Time taken in journey 16-17 hrs.A flight takes 1hr 55min Take half an hour more.See from my angle i save 14-15 hr and 500 bucks to.So there is no question what will i prefer.
Some guys ridicule the low cost model for not serving Hot meal and Drinks , my advice to them is to fly Kingfisher,Jet Sahara and company,For person like me Air Deccan and Spice jet will always be cool.....

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