Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sweet sunday.

It was a rather lazy sunday when i got up at 9am with my kid got freshen up and we both were out in open playing cricket,till we were exausted and wanted some water.
Gave bath to my daughter,This is an act which has been my responsibilty since she was born.And i say that the time we spend with each other is quality and it has gone a long way in making our bond strong.The way children play with water soap and shampoo gives me the hint that its we who make our lives complicated, look at the child and unlearn.
Adi is growing to be a independent and adorable child(we are not allowed to hold her hand out in public as she prefers to walk alone).We take utmost care as parents to her wellbeing from giving all Johnson and johnson products to Cerelac to Juniour horlics.(Writing brand names to help those of you who are wannabe parents).I do not drink Real juice out of the inhibition that its costly but i ensure she gets either REal,Tropicana or Appy. Thats the joy of parenthood i wear a 600-800 bucks Peter England shirt but i happily buy a Jini and jonny for her.
And trust me i have become big fan of POGO.From Noddy to Oswald to Mr Bean To Takeshis castel... Being with a child aged 2yr8 month is learnig and exploring the world with a new angle and its wonderfull. Bliss.

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