Tuesday, November 14, 2006

World Diabetes Day.

Today is WDD(World diabetes day).Whats the need for it to be celebrated or talked about.For me it was a disease which was associated with Filthy rich families and not meant for average middle class people like us.But that has changed in the last year
1.My sister who has a terrible miscarriage in the last week of pregnancy(May 2005) was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes in June this year
2.Her husband was also found to be having very high sugar level in a random checkup.Now he is on strict diet
3.My mother in law who has survived Breast cancer and is now off medicine under the TATA memorial Hospital Mumbai,has been found to have 256 fasting and 426 after food
The normal limit is ,120.Sugar level above this is dangerous.The sedentary lifestyle and excessive sugar intake is the prime reason.So check your sugar uptake put on your jogging shoe and start running.Diabetes not only makes you weak and exhausted it also damages your Eyes,kidney,Nerves, Heart and may lead to amputation!!!/
The International Diabetes Federation estimates that more than 230 million people around the world have diabetes. This total is expected to rise to 350 million by 2025. Each year a further 7 million people develop diabetes


Public and professional awareness of the risk factors for and the symptoms of diabetes are an important step towards its control and prevention.
Diabetes prevention can be categorized into two groups

Primary prevention

Secondary prevention

Primary prevention identifies and protects individuals at risk from developing diabetes. It therefore has an impact by reducing both the need for diabetes care and the need to treat diabetes-related complications.
While there is yet no conclusive evidence to suggest that type 1 diabetes can be prevented, primary prevention of type 2 diabetes is potentially possible.
Lifestyle changes aimed at weight control and increased physical activity are important objectives in the prevention of type 2 diabetes. The benefits of reducing body weight and increasing physical activity are not confined to type 2 diabetes; they also play a role in reducing heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.
Secondary prevention involves the early detection and prevention of complications, therefore reducing the need for treatment.
Action taken early in the course of diabetes is more beneficial in terms of quality of life and is more cost-effective, especially if this action can prevent hospitalization.
There is now conclusive evidence that good control of blood glucose levels can substantially reduce the risk of developing complications and slow their progression in all types of diabetes. The management of high blood pressure and raised blood lipids (fats) is equally important
So spread word about Diabetes and chose a healthy life style....

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