Sunday, December 03, 2006

Big bazaar on sunday.

At the end of a day to Big Bazaar only feeling left is tiring.Contrary to my practice of not going to public places and specially malls on Sunday i had to go cause home minister said so.
Huh its wild frantic and disorganised to say the least,i was missing my mini super market near home where i can pick things with my eyes closed and they too offer discounts on MRP..
The whole experience leaves u unsatisfied and u overspend cause greed takes over, u go for bargains and freebies.It needs a strong control over Ur mind not to go for things u really don't need.
Another thing which i have noticed is the Inflation of the mind that is if you see stuff worth 1500 and like continuously then a 57 bucks thing appears damn cheap,U tend to buy it out of the impulse....

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