Wednesday, December 27, 2006


The Quest girl wrote about the apathy of Mumbaikars when it comes to a single victim as compared to a disaster.I cant help agreeing to her.Yes we in mumbai are so immune to others sufferings as if we were Robots programed not to help.Have we become Zombies????
But its you and me who can make a difference by helping each other,not playing for camera and TV crew as seen now a days,a popular phenomenon!So called social workers leave the site or accompany the camera crew for next photo op?
Last year i did make a difference to some ones life when i took a victim of road accident to Ravi hospital in Vasai.
I saw a person on bike getting run over by a truck my auto came to a stop i don't know what hit me the live accident or some heavenly command,i went near the victim who was speaking, some people were trying to call his home,i called his wife who was nearby.
she reached the spot crying with an old man.I presumed they will take charge but they were dumb struck.So i hired a ricksaw Got the victim in with some help and took him to hospital where he could get his mediclaim treatment.Meanwhile i called victims brother and informed about the accident.
Victims relatives started coming in hordes and profusely thanking me.I took there leave and reached home a contended man having done my social duty.

Next day Rathors(Victims) father came to my house, a simple old marathi speaking man with tears in his eyes, hand folded , crying with gratitude,we offered him water and asked about Rathor.
He was to be kept in hospital for multiple fractures and bleeding but was out of danger.
Me and wife consoled him.The old man kept on repeating You are my Vithal (God) as you saved my son.I was so happy for my actions.It was a selfless act of humanity and i must say it is so spiritual.Latter some of my well wishers chided me for getting in trouble as it could have been a police case and court trouble!

My answer was simple but loaded "What would you have done if you were the witness and i the victim"?
Now Rathor is OK back on job.They call us in all there festivities and give us so much respect and care that i feel embarrassed at times.

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