Sunday, December 31, 2006

Lets move on.

Life moves on the sadness passes with passing time .We all saw mixed reaction to Saddam's execution but in the light of this breaking news many big stories were sidelined,

A bus fell in river Ganga at Patna no channel reported ???

The Noida Pithari village serial killers got less flack thanks to Saddam hanging.

The Indian cricketers too got less chiding from Match ka mujrim!(I wonder about the format of this programme,So negative, ready to find faults,Comes on Star news.)

The year is in its last hours, it gave us a lot and as always took a fare share of it from all.We all are a year wiser, a year older, and a year smarter than last year.

So lets welcome the new year in our own way.

My wishes to all alike from people heading to JW Marriott,Intercontinental Grand,Leela,Hyatt,Taj , near by watering holes like our friendly Anna at Udipi Restaurant cum Bars to small parties in societies and family also to Loners who will enjoy there last drink of the year in solitude.

Happy new year 2007.

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