Monday, December 11, 2006


Last Thursday night while returning from Church gate i was in a 9.45 pm Virar fast to Vasai.
When the train stopped at Bandra there was an usual push and shove for getting in as well as getting out.Suddenly there was a commotion, i looked out of the window and saw few man running wildly,then was a noise" Bomb hai."What followed was a spine chilling sensation, panicked commuters leaving train to save life.I too ran out catching my bag, cell and paper. Once on platform it was a chagrin with all passengers deserting the train, in next few milliseconds some one said "no bomb "and again a mad rush to enter and grab seat.I too entered without giving it a second thought, but my seat was taken by some one else. we tried to laugh off the matter but the calm was surreal as each of us offerd our silent prayers and continued with journey.
Thoughts came and went about life family friends and world what if there was a real bomb and an explosion.It was my closest brush with panic...

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