Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pawar power

Last few days Mumbai celebrated the B day of Mr Sharad Pawar.Its first time that i feel like writing something for a contemporary leader.He impresses you as a leader with current ideas and attachment to the grass roots.

Anyone who has been to his Home town Baramati will vouch for his hard work foresight and zeal for development.Baramati is a wi fi area thanks to sprawling technical campuses and industries.
Nashik valley and farmers owes there success to Mr pawar.Today Nashik valley has wineries orchards and food processing industries.we need some similar leaders back home in Bihar.....


Ar Pradeep Kale said...

When we look keenly towards contemporay polytical arena , we find very few people with vision as well as mass base.Sharad Pawar is foemost amongst them.
He has power to change the fortune of field whichever he touches.

Ar Pradeep Kale

Amit Shekhar said...

You are right Mr Kale.