Monday, December 25, 2006

Retail boom.

The Reliance retail network has started spreading its tentacles far and wide.Those who are following it in real time are a bunch of excited marketing and sales guys to whom it means testing a new and hitherto unknown format in India.

Reliance retail has started to do the ground work in Milk procurement in remote villages of Bihar,My father was excited about the coming of Reliance guys at his doorstep and offering better rates for milk as compared to COMPFED (ie the cooperative network already working).

I recall when i was at my village the attitude of these COMPFED officers was downright patronising and autocratic with little sensitivity to farmers plight,It will be real interesting to see them compete with Reliance.

Reliance needs to carefully lay its plan by keeping the farmers interest in sight and cutting short the middleman.The farmers in my village have suffered a lot in past when it came to selling the Harvest.

I will follow it real close and report on the issue soon....

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