Saturday, December 30, 2006

They hanged him.

So it happened finally.Saddam was hanged by the government in his own country by his own people who derive there power and resource from USA.Its a warning sign against all sovereign country and international community.Mr Bush has time it to his next year election but this step will make Iraq more volatile and dangerous place.The common Iraqi wanted a sense of peace and safety but now they face more uncertainties.
We must remember how so ever big or small the country it has its right to sovereignty. Its time USA learns this... ,


Adsense Tips said...

A very thoughtful post. I too was shocked at the barbaric hanging and object to it being carried out in my name.

raseen said...

saddam was a tyrant. there is no doubt about it and alas,he had accusations ranging from terrorism to genocide.he reeped wat he sowed. but its difficult to justify it at this juncture cause saddam was hanged by the orders of a illegitimate boss who,s decision of going to war has resulted in the death of 60000 civilians in iraq,which may be many times more than wat saddam did in his 28 yrs of rule.

so, finally wat happened on the day of eid,is nothing but a planned murder of a murderer by a barbarian.hope the americans call their president "a man thirsty for blood".....

RAHUL_DEV_K said...

SADAM HUSSAINS hanging canot be justified by bush because no country has the right to enter into another coutries independence. bush has no right in evaluating him and giving him death sentence through a fake court. bush has said sadam hussain has kept nuclear weapons in iraq and thats the reason for the war in iraq , but now it has proved that it was america's tectique to conquire major oil fields in the world.
we must realise that bush administration is a great threat to the world.