Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Last day was a proverbial judgement day of sorts!
The Jessica lal case being the prominent where the court convicted Manu Sharma and his two friends for killing Jessica.It was a turn around of RDB proportion as public pressure made the police and government to re look into the miscarriage of Justice of Titanic proportion.
The last time same accused were let free,Now the honourable court should examine why the last trial was conducted in a shoddy manner what if the public kept quite?Who where the police men involved in the earlier trial.Has the new wave of protest affected the decision making capability of Honorable court?
As for me its a welcome decision as i was in Delhi when this gruesome killing happened.My teacher at Alps academy Naraina Delhi told what a nice person Jessica was,she was her daughter friend and how its so sad about the high headedness of political offspring's.
I think our faith in judiciary remains due to these popular judgments.
The special court of CBI investigating the misappropriation of Money against Lalu yadav And Rabri aquited them for lack of evidence.I fail to see the logic in the impartiality of a central agency working against a powerful central minister and tryingto implicate him.
Why on earth will the astute politician Lalu let it happen.Remember the court will decide only on the basis of evidences submitted by the investigating agency???? So in all a mixed day for the Indian judiciary.


royalrichfamous said...

Everyone i guess is thrilled about the verdict.

Thoguh i do not understand a few things:
1. who is this vikas yadav who was also found guilty. is he the same vikas yadav as the one in the nitish katara case?

2.WHy did ram jethmalani a top lawyer become so silly as to risk his reputation for what is an open ans shut case?

3. do shayan munshi and others get some punishment for retracting their statements?

Amit Shekhar said...

Well that's as good as it gets!!