Friday, December 22, 2006

When law calls hostile witnesses.

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday summoned all 32 witnesses including Karan Rajput, who died in January last year, to show cause “why action should not be not taken against them” for purgery in the Jessica Lall murder case.
Rajput had gone to the Tamarind Court to meet his nephew Jitender Raj, manager of the Bina Ramani-owned illegal bar, when Jessica was shot dead in April 1999. Rajput had claimed that he had seen the offence being committed, but he later retracted. He died due to acute liver-related problems. Since none drew the court’s attention towards this fact, a notice was also issued for him. His name would be dropped later as unlike in the civil disputes, legal heirs of a dead person can’t be substituted in criminal cases.
A Bench of Justices R S Sodhi and P K Bhasin, after sentencing the accused with “appropriate” punishment, directed Mehrauli police station-in-charge to ensure that these 32 persons, including Shyan Munshi of ‘Jhankar Beats’ fame, and Andleep Sehgal, a friend of former External Affairs Minister’s son Jagat Singh who is also named in the food-for-oil scam, are present before it on February 1.
Of the 101 witnesses examined by Chief Public Prosecutor S K Saxena, 32, including three eyewitnesses to the murder of Jessica and ballistic expert Prem Sagar Minocha, were declared hostile.

Now this is one instance when the court is trying to un do the injustice meted to Jessica by the earlier judgement.The people who don't have the guts to tell truth in the court when they witnessed a murder are as guilty as the murderer.I hope there conscience keeps haunting them for long....

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