Monday, January 29, 2007

Bihar Keeping the faith Part 2.

My last post on the same subject was commented upon by two fellow blogger Manish ji and Ashok Tiwari.Like me these two gentlemen shared there views on the cravings and pangs of being a expatriate.As there blogger profile suggests both are well set blogger with Manish being a pretty famous , whose name featured in Telegraph.Manish Kumar (33), deputy manager at SAIL, Ranchi has three blogs running they are An Indian spirit,Ek sham mere nam,and a Hindi blog of the same name एक शाम मेरे नाम .As one can see from his writings and musing he is a man of tremendous grasp over poetry and soft Indian semi classical music.

His Hindi blog is a delight if you call Hindi your mother tounge,what Manish is doing out there is inspiring stuff which also tells about his love for Music.(Must be toiling pretty hard to keep posting so many links).

My Thumbs up and a big hug to Manish,keep up the good work.
My second fellow blogger Ashok Tiwari is serious financial expert with two financial blogs running they are AKT on markets and GlobeWatch both these blogs are serious financial blogs out of bounds for commoner like me, But hey it looks pretty impressive.

Bihar our Motherland is changing fast we migrating birds are keeping an eye and praying real hard for its that one day we all go back and make our older nest better again.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

You let him off, now oblige us !!!

You let him off, now oblige us - that's the petition from 69 of the 100 guilty accused in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts. In a petition made to the TADA court, the accused have demanded that like Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, they too should be convicted under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and not under the stringent Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act or TADA.Though Sanjay was found guilty of possessing an AK 56 rifle while TADA was in force, he was given a much milder sentence because he claimed he doesn't have a criminal past and needed the gun for self-defence.Now in a petition sent from the Arthur Road Jail, the accused have directly compared themselves with the actor.that's the petition from 69 of the 100 guilty accused in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts. In a petition made to the TADA court, the accused have demanded that like Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, they too should be convicted under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and not under the stringent Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act or TADA.Though Sanjay was found guilty of possessing an AK 56 rifle while TADA was in force, he was given a much milder sentence because he claimed he doesn't have a criminal past and needed the gun for self-defence.Now in a petition sent from the Arthur Road Jail, the accused have directly compared themselves with the actor.

He he this what happens when the less fortunate get a chance to compare themselves to a big celebrity while facing similar charges but getting different verdicts???

Friday, January 26, 2007

Neosport Back on Tatasky.

Hi good news for the Indian cricket enthusiast who have DTH services,now no longer delayed coverage of ODI, get ball by ball real time live coverage.
As posted early NImbus and Tatasky has fallen apart and Neosport was taken of air,but from today 5 pm onwards Neosport is available on DTH.
This means that we no longer have to see a differed and delayed version of ODI.According to Delhi high court order DD was transmitting a 7 minutes delayed version.
It seems Nimbus went a little too far in demanding better rates from all and has finally came around.Though the details will come out later in the day.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

New startups.

Hi we all know what Pay pal is but what if you come across Pay mate?You tube is pretty well known but what about Tum tube.??
These according to me are the second rung me too projects whose market will be niche and area centric.
The www is a border less world but it also serves a local idea if implement well.
The world over people are trying to start business on Google model.
In India you have an Indian search engine called Guruji. The company is being promoted in the biggest forums and there is certain buzz around it.My best wishes.
Venture capitalist who had burnt there fingers in the Dot com boom are taking it slow this time but good business propositions are getting money.
So hurray top the spirit of entrepreneurship keep it rolling.!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bihar.Keeping the faith.

When a person leaves behind his home in search of job and better life and moves on to greener Pasteur he also leaves friends family local food and everything. Time passes and life moves on how so ever that person gets success in the new land he always craves for the home old home.This craving is what keeps his roots alive with his motherland.
I too left Jagdishpur my tiny villge in Pusa Samastipur Bihar in 1999.
since then i have called Mumbai my home but every time i had been asked about the real me i went on and on to explain my roots, my village ,my people, weather, the greenery, the fertile land, the Litchi, the mangoes and ....
The pang of motherland hits its crescendo when i go to see of my relatives on there way to village,i truly feel like ruining away from all the crowds and insanity ie Mumbai to the soothing and calm village home.
Now the question is if i have such a strong desire to go home whats stopping me?Its the social scene there where one is still recognised by the cast one belongs to. where your social standing is of prime importance.
Bihar is passing through radical times when the winds of change is sweeping every sphere of life.But when it comes to wrapping up here and moving back home people advise wait and watch for some more time.
I know i am being greedy in anticipating that the security and infrastructue will improve and then ill go home but on second thought that's the first premise i pay my taxes for.
So i will keep track of the developments in Bihar and wait for that sweet day when ill move back to my village.Till then its Mumbai aka Bombay wchich will be my home.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Neosport playing spoilsport.

As many deprived cricket enthusiast i too missed the wonderful resurgence of Prince of Kolkota.What a pity the masses could not see it because a private company who has purchased the telecast rights refused to share it with DoorDarshan!
That's a story which we saw in paper and TV,Now there is a bigger story behind it.
Since Nimbus has invested huge amount in getting the rights of telecast for Indian cricket played in India,it went for a kill by raising its rate per customer.
The DTH operators backed out in anticipation that Government will force Nimbus to share the feed and there customers will get feed by default as DD is mandatory on all platforms of TV viewing!!
But the trouble became a face loss as DD and Nimbus did not came to an agreement.
Now as a believer in open market i support Nimbus in its right to ask for the rate they deem fit.Here Government has a roll to play in insuring that the masses get to see the matches but not at a loss for Nimbus.
Hopefully the court will come out with solution amicable to all the parties involved.

But the bottom line according to me is "Nimbus do not get too greedy or else the you earn hatred a and public ire.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nusli wadia cant do this.

The News item about MR Nusli Wadia is making head lines for TV channels and news paper.
Its an obvious question on the security checks done at our airports.How one can carry a fire arm and live ammunition in side a commercial jet?
Though Mr Wadia needs to be given benefit of doubt as a person of his stature will not risk his image.
This episode gives an idea how our security gives the special status to famous people endangering the commoners.
What would have been the plight of a commoner in that situation??
Would the Dubai government have treated the same way,obviously not.
The famous people deserve there special status because they are the examples for that area of operation
.As for the security lapse,there has been many cases when security guys has been demoted transferred or shunted from there duty cause they took on a celebrity!!!!
So you will see some more inquiry starting some officers giving interview on TV and print while the ground reality will remain the same...Life should move on....

Friday, January 19, 2007


Dear Mr Dashmunshi.
The Honorable minister of information and brodcasting.GOI.New Delhi.
Sir till your enlightened decision of baning AXN for showing indecent programme came to effect i considered my self to be a grown up who can decide what is obscene and whats not!
But now i feel that i am still a 30 year old kid who's parents has a say in what to watch on TV!!
Dear uncle i have a suggestion for you according to my ill developed brain what you politicians do in side that parliament is far more obscene,thanks to your over jealous censor man whom we call The speaker antics of your clan is controlled.Abusing and exchanging fisticuffs on national TV in the name of governing is obscene,Accepting Money to ask questions in parliament is obscene,playing vote bank politics on dead bodies and burnt houses is obscene.
Sir i can go on and on about what i consider obscene but i presume our understanding on this issue is way apart since you are sitting in the hot seat and i am cold in my couch cause i cant meet DR House on AXN,though his programme was based on medical field that is also off air and the obscene programmes took of air Guinness records too i agree that too was obscene...
But uncle for your information all road side CD vendors sell CD with all the variations of XXX movies,I wonder how will you control that?

At last one small suggestion from my ill developed Brain.GET A LIFE!!!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Airtel,ICICI,American Express fined for unsolicited calls!!

NEWS:Justice J D Kapoor, while imposing a fine on Airtel and Cellular Operators' Association of India, lambasted tele-marketers for "causing immense nuisance", as cellphone users have experienced getting at odd hours while driving, when they're in meeting with offers of insurance firms, bank loans etc.
Awarding a compensation of Rs 50,000 to the complainant, Nivedita Sharma, the panel said the penalties were being imposed due to the insensitive attitude of cellular operators and tele-marketers towards harassed phone owners.
The fines will have to be deposited in the State Consumer Welfare Fund. The panel dismissed as "frivolous" Airtel's defence that the information about users could have been gathered by tele-marketers from other sources.
ICICI Bank and American Express Bank said that Sharma was not their consumer as she had not availed of their services.
The panel said they were equal culprits as they had unauthorisedly obtained the information about her.
Justice Kapoor said it was a matter of grave concern that confidential information is being traded without their knowledge.

ANALYSIS:This is a landmark case of judiciary coming to save consumers right of privacy.The big companies care a fig attitude has made life of commoners difficult with unsolicited calls.
The exemplary punish meant by the court will hopefully wake up and shake up the culprits of privacy invasion.But what is TRAI doing about it???

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Police catches Aruna's killer.

Poor Aruna was killed by her Dhobi(Laundry boy) out of lust.It was an oversight that cost her life,she left the door open while going to bed room to fetch clothes for pressing.
Now its up to Police to investigate further and take the case to its logical end.

But lets give it a thought,how it could have been averted.

1.One should not keep the door ajar when there is a stranger at the door.
2.If its a courier guy or some maintenance guy do the transaction through safety door only.(if one is available).
3.Politely shut the door and ask the guy to wait,when done with the documents return the paper.
4.Keep the windows and lights open so in case of some problem your voice can be heard out side and visibility is not hampered.
5.While signing a document never turn your back towards the guy on door keep an eye on him.
6.Do not be tempted by a new hawker offering 1 rupee more than your regular kabadiwala,He could be on reconnaissance duty to ascertain about your status ie are you alone at that time of the day regularly.
7.Best of all call your male member of the family about the courier and keep talking till you receive.
8.Do not let any stranger in till you are sure after checking his I card.

One can not survive in this world if one looks every one wit suspicion but a little vigilant attitude in general can avert so many crimes....

Friday, January 12, 2007

Why no one helped her?

When Aruna Kothawade was crying desperately for help to save her from the hands of the assassin no one came forward to help!!!!
So Aruna tried her best to save herself but the maniac overpowered her and she later succumbed to her injury.
Why neighbours didn't came forward to help? Is it so easy to kill some one in a posh area and get away,Why the price of Human life is depreciating so fast?What kind of society we are turning into? Do we Mumbaikars help each other only when its a calamity or disaster but turn away when its a single victim.Why?

The insulated city living is killing the social animal status of Humans and we remain just Animals Who cares for themselves only,Where is the soul and conscience gone of the neighbours who listened to the cry of a dying lady and decided to shut there doors!
What if the next day its there turn?
And the residential societies need to get better guards when they charge hefty amount for maintenance charges.The badly paid guards are semi literate and untrained working for a miserly salary of 2000 plus.
But we as citizens of this great city need to address our selves why it happened.
Old saying love your neighbours cause it matters.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How Salman Khan got back his hairs.

When Bombays famous naughty boy Salman Khan got hair trouble guess what he did ?Went to a good doctor in foreign and got hair transplant.
Most Indian men are genetically predisposed to hairloss and baldness scintifically called Alopecia.
The change in lifestyle, improper diet, stress and pollution compound the problem.
The solutoions are many from road side oil vendors to Drs offering genuine treatment.
Loss of hair can cause lack of confidence and low self esteem,But one daily comes acros two kinds of people, one who take it in there stride and others who look for a solution.The guys on look out can check these options.
On a lighter side why only men suffer from this problem??
Also check this article by fellow blogger Amit Agrawal.

Anil Ambanis loss is Sunil Mittal gain!!

According to an old saying one mans loss is others gain,check this out.
Reliance Retail inks telecom deal with Bharti, I was thinking about the implications of the deal, How is Reliance going to safeguard its data and confidentiality,When its biggest competitor Walmart has a tie up with Bharati for Retail?
But its a clear cut loss to MR Anil Ambani as Reliance retail is going to be a pan Indian company with huge growth and scale.Its not wise to trust an outsider when you can get the same service in your erstwhile company!But it also goes on to show the deep mistrust between the brothers??

Monday, January 08, 2007

Congestion surcharge???

The wings provided to the masses by LCC that is low cost carriers are getting heavy by each passing day.
If you buy a Rs 2 ticket on Air Deccan you pay a tax of Rs1125 plus Rs 50 as net commission.The recent addition to this was the so called congestion surcharge of Rs 150.??
Now as reported by the media maximum congestion is at Mumbai and Delhi airports then why an all India congestion charge.Whats the passengers fault in this, specially if she is flying from say Patna to calcutta,both these airports do not have congestion.The Indian aviation is plagued by a missing independent regulator.Moreover we have a unresponsive government.Worst affected of fog are LCC as they in search of cutting costs do not train there pilots to land in foggy condition thus having maximum cancellation as compared to Legacy carriers.Once the flights are cancelled the passenger is left UN attended!The LCC pay less salaries so less educated and less trained staff causes a lot of problem compounded by the anger due to delay.
One needs to give thought that whats missing here is transparency on part of airlines.its no bodies fault if there is fog but whats the harm in admitting the delay due to it.LCC should remember word of mouth bad publicity does much more damage which is difficult to be undone by glossy print or shining TVC...

Sunday, January 07, 2007


In the ongoing Battle between the old cable walla and the new DTH guys is hotting up.The peculiar Indian procrastination affects industry as well as the customers,We all waited till the last day of TRAI imposed Cas rollout.Because the last time without TRAI it went flat!!Now one is making choices on whims. The DTH and CABLE ie CAS with set top box bodies are spending big money on ads to enter more households.

In this ongoing battele some issues go unanswered.

Customer is getting DTH or CAS but is not able to decide what he wants as all provide bundled package where Customer has no choice.I got Tatasky in Oct 06 at Rs4550.00 and a three month viewing at Rs 200.Now its revised to 300/month the promised new channels are yet to come moreover Neosports has gone off Air.The service promised Satellite music channels with digital sound (yet to come).Burning salt to my wounds the new offer gives six month free viewing.

I hope the company remains fair to existing customers when attracting new ones...
The promised camera angels during cricket show one live feed one highlights and one virtual animation??

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nithari killings.

How insensitive and immature our Leaders become when it comes to facing the media was pretty evident, when brother of Mulayam singh yadav told the TV newsman that what happened at Nithari is not uncommon and these normal thing keep happening.
The fact is the UP government has lost face on the isue and is responding in a very nervous way as evident from there actions.
Nithari killings on the eve of elections can turn the tide in favour of BJP or Congress.
Sonia,Mayawati and many have visited but Mr CM and his shadow Mr Amar singh didn't had the courage to go and face the heat.
The police has paid the price by punishing the responsible culprits and taking a huge down as far as there image in public eye is concerned.
The politicians will play a game of one upmanship over the issue,with Mulayam doling 2 lacs to the victims family the increasing it to 5 lacs.Moreover to save face all the affected families will get a plot in Noida.
Now this is a different proposition all together ....

Friday, January 05, 2007

Rehman returns with GURU.

Its been a long time since we got a good album from Rehman.His last hit album was RDB which has cult music and some riveting lyrics by Prasoon Joshi(Luka chipi,Yeh Sala,Rang de basanti,)
Now here is the genius with another score and a rather tempting one called GURU a Mani ratnam Film.
The sufi touch and melodious voice of Hariharan is soothing to ears.The lyrics by Gulzar saheb proves his mastery with pen again.Listen to it and you will keep humming the numbers for a Long time....

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Coming soon Reliance Digital...

As per reliable reports Reliance is going to launch its white goods stores under the name "RELIANCE DIGITAL".

In change from the existing format of retailers like Sumaria,Viveks.Vijay sales and Snehanjali, the Reliance Digital will give post sales services through its own name.So no need to worry about going to different companies for post sales service if the good was purchased from Reliance.

The consumers will benefit tremendously as in brands like LG, PHILLIPS,VIDEOCON, will be made available at less than 40% of MRP!!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thinking in New year.

In this new year the bad news has been more than good news.

The Noida Child killers,Indonesia plane crash,Serial killer active in Mumbai ...perverts molesting a girl at Gateway of India on 31st night.

These news items have shocked and agitated my mind to write about them.

Most bizarre and sinister is the Noida killings in which kids were murdered by a middle aged man with help of his servant then molested.Whats most shocking is the shear number of killings 18 and counting.How could this happen in a civilized society??Before blaming the Police the citizens of Nithari village needs to look into the insensitivity in themselves about spotting trend of missing children.The news channels have reported that the police refused to write FIR for the missing kids because the parents were poor migrants with no voting rights so of no value to police or the politician!A strong action needs to be taken against the so called law implementers.
The missing torsos give a diff twist of organ trading...Now that's too much for me..
The police needs to keep the people informed about the investigation on day to day basis and punish the guilty among them first.And a hello to the charismatic Amar singh who visited the Adobe CEO house after the Kidnap drama "where are you"????