Thursday, January 18, 2007

Airtel,ICICI,American Express fined for unsolicited calls!!

NEWS:Justice J D Kapoor, while imposing a fine on Airtel and Cellular Operators' Association of India, lambasted tele-marketers for "causing immense nuisance", as cellphone users have experienced getting at odd hours while driving, when they're in meeting with offers of insurance firms, bank loans etc.
Awarding a compensation of Rs 50,000 to the complainant, Nivedita Sharma, the panel said the penalties were being imposed due to the insensitive attitude of cellular operators and tele-marketers towards harassed phone owners.
The fines will have to be deposited in the State Consumer Welfare Fund. The panel dismissed as "frivolous" Airtel's defence that the information about users could have been gathered by tele-marketers from other sources.
ICICI Bank and American Express Bank said that Sharma was not their consumer as she had not availed of their services.
The panel said they were equal culprits as they had unauthorisedly obtained the information about her.
Justice Kapoor said it was a matter of grave concern that confidential information is being traded without their knowledge.

ANALYSIS:This is a landmark case of judiciary coming to save consumers right of privacy.The big companies care a fig attitude has made life of commoners difficult with unsolicited calls.
The exemplary punish meant by the court will hopefully wake up and shake up the culprits of privacy invasion.But what is TRAI doing about it???

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