Friday, January 19, 2007


Dear Mr Dashmunshi.
The Honorable minister of information and brodcasting.GOI.New Delhi.
Sir till your enlightened decision of baning AXN for showing indecent programme came to effect i considered my self to be a grown up who can decide what is obscene and whats not!
But now i feel that i am still a 30 year old kid who's parents has a say in what to watch on TV!!
Dear uncle i have a suggestion for you according to my ill developed brain what you politicians do in side that parliament is far more obscene,thanks to your over jealous censor man whom we call The speaker antics of your clan is controlled.Abusing and exchanging fisticuffs on national TV in the name of governing is obscene,Accepting Money to ask questions in parliament is obscene,playing vote bank politics on dead bodies and burnt houses is obscene.
Sir i can go on and on about what i consider obscene but i presume our understanding on this issue is way apart since you are sitting in the hot seat and i am cold in my couch cause i cant meet DR House on AXN,though his programme was based on medical field that is also off air and the obscene programmes took of air Guinness records too i agree that too was obscene...
But uncle for your information all road side CD vendors sell CD with all the variations of XXX movies,I wonder how will you control that?

At last one small suggestion from my ill developed Brain.GET A LIFE!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well written.I support your views...

Amit Shekhar said...

Thanks,we are not kids who need governance of this kind.