Monday, January 29, 2007

Bihar Keeping the faith Part 2.

My last post on the same subject was commented upon by two fellow blogger Manish ji and Ashok Tiwari.Like me these two gentlemen shared there views on the cravings and pangs of being a expatriate.As there blogger profile suggests both are well set blogger with Manish being a pretty famous , whose name featured in Telegraph.Manish Kumar (33), deputy manager at SAIL, Ranchi has three blogs running they are An Indian spirit,Ek sham mere nam,and a Hindi blog of the same name एक शाम मेरे नाम .As one can see from his writings and musing he is a man of tremendous grasp over poetry and soft Indian semi classical music.

His Hindi blog is a delight if you call Hindi your mother tounge,what Manish is doing out there is inspiring stuff which also tells about his love for Music.(Must be toiling pretty hard to keep posting so many links).

My Thumbs up and a big hug to Manish,keep up the good work.
My second fellow blogger Ashok Tiwari is serious financial expert with two financial blogs running they are AKT on markets and GlobeWatch both these blogs are serious financial blogs out of bounds for commoner like me, But hey it looks pretty impressive.

Bihar our Motherland is changing fast we migrating birds are keeping an eye and praying real hard for its that one day we all go back and make our older nest better again.


rupwaliaktiwari said...

Thanks Amit, for taking time to visit my blogs. And, thanks for the compliment. May God shower his blessings on 'Planet B'.

While praying and waiting, we can contribute out best to the building of brand 'Bihar' - the way rest of the world looks at our state.

Manish said...

Shukriya Dost !
Aapko mera blog achcha laga jaankar khushi huyi.
Sangeet, Kavita, Kitabein aur Yatra inse related anubhav sab mein bantne ka anand hi mujhe blogging mein prerit karta hai.

Khair Bihar/Jharkhand ke kayi blogger active hain. Hindi mein likhne wale logon se aap

par dekh sakte hain.