Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bihar.Keeping the faith.

When a person leaves behind his home in search of job and better life and moves on to greener Pasteur he also leaves friends family local food and everything. Time passes and life moves on how so ever that person gets success in the new land he always craves for the home old home.This craving is what keeps his roots alive with his motherland.
I too left Jagdishpur my tiny villge in Pusa Samastipur Bihar in 1999.
since then i have called Mumbai my home but every time i had been asked about the real me i went on and on to explain my roots, my village ,my people, weather, the greenery, the fertile land, the Litchi, the mangoes and ....
The pang of motherland hits its crescendo when i go to see of my relatives on there way to village,i truly feel like ruining away from all the crowds and insanity ie Mumbai to the soothing and calm village home.
Now the question is if i have such a strong desire to go home whats stopping me?Its the social scene there where one is still recognised by the cast one belongs to. where your social standing is of prime importance.
Bihar is passing through radical times when the winds of change is sweeping every sphere of life.But when it comes to wrapping up here and moving back home people advise wait and watch for some more time.
I know i am being greedy in anticipating that the security and infrastructue will improve and then ill go home but on second thought that's the first premise i pay my taxes for.
So i will keep track of the developments in Bihar and wait for that sweet day when ill move back to my village.Till then its Mumbai aka Bombay wchich will be my home.


Manish said...

hmmmmmm..wo subah kabhie to aayegi :)

rupwaliaktiwari said...

You are one of the few who remember their roots and have a desire to go back. When the 'craving' becomes strong enough, nothing can stop you - you won't wait for that 'subah'. All the best ! I am also from Bihar working in Bangalore and share your dilemma.
For those whose 'craving' is not strong enough, "Is raat ki subah nahin".