Sunday, January 07, 2007


In the ongoing Battle between the old cable walla and the new DTH guys is hotting up.The peculiar Indian procrastination affects industry as well as the customers,We all waited till the last day of TRAI imposed Cas rollout.Because the last time without TRAI it went flat!!Now one is making choices on whims. The DTH and CABLE ie CAS with set top box bodies are spending big money on ads to enter more households.

In this ongoing battele some issues go unanswered.

Customer is getting DTH or CAS but is not able to decide what he wants as all provide bundled package where Customer has no choice.I got Tatasky in Oct 06 at Rs4550.00 and a three month viewing at Rs 200.Now its revised to 300/month the promised new channels are yet to come moreover Neosports has gone off Air.The service promised Satellite music channels with digital sound (yet to come).Burning salt to my wounds the new offer gives six month free viewing.

I hope the company remains fair to existing customers when attracting new ones...
The promised camera angels during cricket show one live feed one highlights and one virtual animation??

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You can put bit more news and also try to mix normal news with some tech news. Try to embed some news videos as well.I think some indian news channel´s website provides embed videos, probably ibn-cnn or something else.
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