Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Neosport playing spoilsport.

As many deprived cricket enthusiast i too missed the wonderful resurgence of Prince of Kolkota.What a pity the masses could not see it because a private company who has purchased the telecast rights refused to share it with DoorDarshan!
That's a story which we saw in paper and TV,Now there is a bigger story behind it.
Since Nimbus has invested huge amount in getting the rights of telecast for Indian cricket played in India,it went for a kill by raising its rate per customer.
The DTH operators backed out in anticipation that Government will force Nimbus to share the feed and there customers will get feed by default as DD is mandatory on all platforms of TV viewing!!
But the trouble became a face loss as DD and Nimbus did not came to an agreement.
Now as a believer in open market i support Nimbus in its right to ask for the rate they deem fit.Here Government has a roll to play in insuring that the masses get to see the matches but not at a loss for Nimbus.
Hopefully the court will come out with solution amicable to all the parties involved.

But the bottom line according to me is "Nimbus do not get too greedy or else the you earn hatred a and public ire.

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