Thursday, January 25, 2007

New startups.

Hi we all know what Pay pal is but what if you come across Pay mate?You tube is pretty well known but what about Tum tube.??
These according to me are the second rung me too projects whose market will be niche and area centric.
The www is a border less world but it also serves a local idea if implement well.
The world over people are trying to start business on Google model.
In India you have an Indian search engine called Guruji. The company is being promoted in the biggest forums and there is certain buzz around it.My best wishes.
Venture capitalist who had burnt there fingers in the Dot com boom are taking it slow this time but good business propositions are getting money.
So hurray top the spirit of entrepreneurship keep it rolling.!!!


Anonymous said...

Shopping sites in India are on the verge of taking off too. I like the site

Amit Shekhar said...

Ok Thanks for the update.