Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nithari killings.

How insensitive and immature our Leaders become when it comes to facing the media was pretty evident, when brother of Mulayam singh yadav told the TV newsman that what happened at Nithari is not uncommon and these normal thing keep happening.
The fact is the UP government has lost face on the isue and is responding in a very nervous way as evident from there actions.
Nithari killings on the eve of elections can turn the tide in favour of BJP or Congress.
Sonia,Mayawati and many have visited but Mr CM and his shadow Mr Amar singh didn't had the courage to go and face the heat.
The police has paid the price by punishing the responsible culprits and taking a huge down as far as there image in public eye is concerned.
The politicians will play a game of one upmanship over the issue,with Mulayam doling 2 lacs to the victims family the increasing it to 5 lacs.Moreover to save face all the affected families will get a plot in Noida.
Now this is a different proposition all together ....

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Anonymous said...

Leaders will play politics for sure....Good post..