Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nusli wadia cant do this.

The News item about MR Nusli Wadia is making head lines for TV channels and news paper.
Its an obvious question on the security checks done at our airports.How one can carry a fire arm and live ammunition in side a commercial jet?
Though Mr Wadia needs to be given benefit of doubt as a person of his stature will not risk his image.
This episode gives an idea how our security gives the special status to famous people endangering the commoners.
What would have been the plight of a commoner in that situation??
Would the Dubai government have treated the same way,obviously not.
The famous people deserve there special status because they are the examples for that area of operation
.As for the security lapse,there has been many cases when security guys has been demoted transferred or shunted from there duty cause they took on a celebrity!!!!
So you will see some more inquiry starting some officers giving interview on TV and print while the ground reality will remain the same...Life should move on....

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