Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Police catches Aruna's killer.

Poor Aruna was killed by her Dhobi(Laundry boy) out of lust.It was an oversight that cost her life,she left the door open while going to bed room to fetch clothes for pressing.
Now its up to Police to investigate further and take the case to its logical end.

But lets give it a thought,how it could have been averted.

1.One should not keep the door ajar when there is a stranger at the door.
2.If its a courier guy or some maintenance guy do the transaction through safety door only.(if one is available).
3.Politely shut the door and ask the guy to wait,when done with the documents return the paper.
4.Keep the windows and lights open so in case of some problem your voice can be heard out side and visibility is not hampered.
5.While signing a document never turn your back towards the guy on door keep an eye on him.
6.Do not be tempted by a new hawker offering 1 rupee more than your regular kabadiwala,He could be on reconnaissance duty to ascertain about your status ie are you alone at that time of the day regularly.
7.Best of all call your male member of the family about the courier and keep talking till you receive.
8.Do not let any stranger in till you are sure after checking his I card.

One can not survive in this world if one looks every one wit suspicion but a little vigilant attitude in general can avert so many crimes....


Anonymous said...

One needs to take care of his surrondings.

Adsense Tips said...

Your advice is very wise but I am saddened that precautions of this type are needed. Flora