Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thinking in New year.

In this new year the bad news has been more than good news.

The Noida Child killers,Indonesia plane crash,Serial killer active in Mumbai ...perverts molesting a girl at Gateway of India on 31st night.

These news items have shocked and agitated my mind to write about them.

Most bizarre and sinister is the Noida killings in which kids were murdered by a middle aged man with help of his servant then molested.Whats most shocking is the shear number of killings 18 and counting.How could this happen in a civilized society??Before blaming the Police the citizens of Nithari village needs to look into the insensitivity in themselves about spotting trend of missing children.The news channels have reported that the police refused to write FIR for the missing kids because the parents were poor migrants with no voting rights so of no value to police or the politician!A strong action needs to be taken against the so called law implementers.
The missing torsos give a diff twist of organ trading...Now that's too much for me..
The police needs to keep the people informed about the investigation on day to day basis and punish the guilty among them first.And a hello to the charismatic Amar singh who visited the Adobe CEO house after the Kidnap drama "where are you"????

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