Friday, January 12, 2007

Why no one helped her?

When Aruna Kothawade was crying desperately for help to save her from the hands of the assassin no one came forward to help!!!!
So Aruna tried her best to save herself but the maniac overpowered her and she later succumbed to her injury.
Why neighbours didn't came forward to help? Is it so easy to kill some one in a posh area and get away,Why the price of Human life is depreciating so fast?What kind of society we are turning into? Do we Mumbaikars help each other only when its a calamity or disaster but turn away when its a single victim.Why?

The insulated city living is killing the social animal status of Humans and we remain just Animals Who cares for themselves only,Where is the soul and conscience gone of the neighbours who listened to the cry of a dying lady and decided to shut there doors!
What if the next day its there turn?
And the residential societies need to get better guards when they charge hefty amount for maintenance charges.The badly paid guards are semi literate and untrained working for a miserly salary of 2000 plus.
But we as citizens of this great city need to address our selves why it happened.
Old saying love your neighbours cause it matters.


Anonymous said...

Thought provoking...

Amit Shekhar said...

Thanks.Do drop your name dear.