Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Indian IITians are known to be tech savvy and path breaking thinkers.Though the Sabir bhatia story made Indians Proud there was a lack of consistency as the dot com bubble burst and the start ups failed miserably barring a few like Baazee et al.
But every once a while there comes a start up which challenges the conventional?
The idea behind this start up was the success of online chat sites like ICQ MSN Yahoo Google et al.The founders idea was "to empower people to get their message out by making unified, interactive, multimedia messaging a reality on mobile phones".
Thus in 2004 in San Diego California was Born a company called Rocketalk.(Rock th talk or Rocket talk?)
This company is focusing on the hand held market which my readers will agree is the future.
I downloaded the app on My Nokia 3230 and registered, its amazing to have Rocketalk as one can send and receive Media SMS MMs Voice free of cost!!
You have to have a compatible phone.
The basic requirement is a data plan (GPRS) which is the cheapest in India(AIRTEL).Other places check with your Mobile service provider as this app uses considerable amount of data.
The best way is to get a unlimited plan. I am using Rocketalk from today and i must say its impressive? So all you Tech savvy readers try this out.(And this is not a paid post, its out of my own impulse that i decided to promote a tech company,Probably the indian connection:-) ....

Monday, February 26, 2007

Video conference by Reliance.

We as pharma guys do a lot of CME (continuous medical education) for clients ie Dr's.
Earlier it was done in a big auditorium or hall or a seminar.Now with changing times its getting difficult to get audience from different parts of the country as its time taking and costly. Then there are national medical conferences about which most Dr's agree in camera are waste of time and money as they become picknic spots and family day out for Doctors.
On an average 20% Dr's are studious type with an interest in upgrading there current knowledge!
So we hit upon an idea of doing CME in camera with video conferencing.Taking advantage of the availability of world class
video conferencing facility offered bu Reliance infocom.
It all started good as all and sundry accepted the idea.
One could participate in an all India VCME without travelling out of city.It saved travel time cost and gave wonderful advantage of connecting the remote and tiny cities.
Before the Reliance group was divided between the two Brothers we had a pretty good experience.
But after the split and re branding it has been a far from satisfying experience.The staff seems to be naive, the focus is lacking, the VC room is always filthy with bad Air conditioning, the Vc equipment need repairs and maintenance.
Though they charge good money for this,they are not serious or excited about the future prospect.Since we call the top most Dr's of Mumbai to be our speaker it becomes embarrassing for us.We have started to do double check on them on Saturdays as all VCME happens on Sunday,but they always invents some problem or the other.
Why i am writing all this here? Cause i strongly believe in consumer activism as our repeated complaints have gone unanswered, probably this word of mouth news will push them to introspect.
As for Mr Anil Ambani. Sir you might be doing a wonderful job at your level but your ground staff seems determined to bring you and the brand value of ADAG down.Keep track.
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Power crisis?

Last few days have been hot and humid with summer hitting Mumbai harder and earlier than usual.What compounds the problem is the lack of electricity.Maharastra as a state has been facing power shortage since long and the situation is far from improving.
Have you ever been asked by your phone company to use its services less?
No because as much you use its good for them as it gives revenue.But the power distribution agencies plead customers to use less power and blame user for shortage?
My point is are they not charging the full cost of power generation from public?
Yes they do recover the cost but lament about the pilferage in slums and industrial area?
Why should a domestic customer suffer for the inefficiency of distribution company in stopping the pilferage and shortage therefore?
The short sightedness of politicians have lead to this scarcity of power as vested interest does not allow private players to come in power generation in big way.The corrupt and inefficient state electricity boards are home to bribe and all sorts of unethical practises.I am aware of villagers collecting donation of INR 10000. To be given to the tout for replacing the burnt out transformer?Going by the normal course can take couple of months!!!
The same lethargic mentality was evident in other Public sector undertakings before privatisation pushed them on toe!
Take for example the Nationalise banks VS the private sector banks.Do you think the PSU banks would have improved on there own? A strong No!
Ten years back when only the state provided telecom it use to take years to get a phone connection now it takes minuets! If these sectors could prosper and revive the Indian growth saga then there is no better contender for privatisation than Power generation.
And for MSEB
Stop preaching the customer as to how to use power,instead check the power theft in industrial area,Curb corruption inside.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Egyptian blogger convicted for insulting Islam.

Hi Dear readers.
Came across this article in DNA.Its an warning to all who transgress the rule of land while posting there views.You can not claim to be unaware of the existing laws,As a rule any comments on religious beliefs are looked sternly upon.So be cautious do not get carried away by emotions and stand for your views. Check this out.
Egyptian blogger convicted for insulting Islam.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

State under sieze.

The Samjhaota Express bombing and death of 66 passengers was tragic and showed the ugly picture of terrorism and its roots in India.It raises a lot many questions .What was a clear case of terror strike was downplayed by the government by stating the the peace process will not stop?
Was the death of 65 people of no consequence to the state?The same government made a mockery of its stand on Mumbai train blast by First claiming to be having clinching evidenceof Paks involment, to solid evidence, to not even discussing it with Pakistani delegation in talks!!
What we see now is a knee jerk reaction after each terror attack with state paying visits and announcing some financial compensation,and the slow investigation starts?
Take the case of the attack on Parliament what happens even when the supreme court gives a verdict of death! The case lingers as every step in judiciary takes its own time?
The reply to terrorist has to swift and strong the dilly dolling gives them further impetus.
As always the terrorist target common man but with each strike the VIP security increases?
According to me the government can not provide for the personal security of each citizen but what it can and should do is to punish the terrorist swiftly.
with them The first lesson Jehadis are tought is that only the meek and poor compromise so soft approachhas never given any good result and will never give.
One who is brainwashed to kill you and destroy your country cant be dealt with polite and sweet conversation.The people to people contact is a false idea of peace when we know that ISI is attacking us from Pak, Nepal and Bangladesh.The government of the day will have to take cognisance of the spurt in terrorist attacks on civilians.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Age no bar, watch your heart.

The langda of Omkara alias Saif Ali Khan Pataudi Aka Chote Nawab was taken to Lilawati hospital for Chest pain and uneasiness.The Tv and print media got a good story and it all begun.To me it appeared a blown up celebrity Hospitalisation,but if one looks deeply it shows a vicious trend .
Those who are getting heart attack now a days are not 45yr old but its young men in there 30s.
In today's world of Internet there is no dearth of information if one wants to have a look.
We all know what are the causes and factors which lead to cardiac problems.
Here my humble advice to all fellow readers is to take it seriously and avoid one of the most prominent component of any disease "Stress".
I know its easier said than done but i have seen people in my Pharma career who repent only when they are in Cardiac intensive care unit.Friends when in extreme stressful situation take a deep breath and think is the stress worth taking??
It might be so important to you at that moment but will you have the same feeling when you are in ICU.???

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Delhi vs Mumbai.

Was on a personal trip to Delhi and was again left impressed to the core by the change in the city happening each passing year.Sprawling Bungalows vs Cramped flats in Mumbai,Wide Roads vs Potholed roads,Open public gardens( 10 times the size of miniature society gardens we have in Mumbai,Un interrupted power Vs dark evenings in Vasai,Rs 350 vs Rs1100 fare of cab from airport.Cool crisp pollution free environment vs noisy cramped filthy stale air.Metro vs Local trains.... and on and on..
In case its making you depressed i come to the point the commercial capital of India is in Shambles and its deteriorating by the day.The maximum contributor of taxes is not getting its due and all the fault lies with the leaders who are short sighted as compared to there northern counterparts.
Take example of Power.
we pay the cost of power we consume, then why its being made as if the consumer is a culprit for the short fall.The government announce sop for industry organised retail and all but its all recuperated from common man.Why the government of Gujrat can have surplus power and Maharastra under 8 hr cut daily in Mumbai suburbs(just 16 hr in villages).Whats happening why is the money collected from bills not put in installing new power plants?If therec is industrial and local pilferage why should the common man suffer for the incompetence of Electricity boards?
when leaders in Mumbai compare them selves to Shanghai!! They forget the world class city Delhi is turning out to be.Its time Mumbai Janta demand Better power,Better roads,Better local trains, Better educational institutes,and a breathing space out of deserted mills ,navy installation's,ports and businesses whose moving out from Mumbai will help it develop.
The Chalta hai attitude of Mumbaikars is proving too costly as we are depriving our children of the basic amenities their counterparts have in Delhi.
Think and inform others also. Before its too late...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Z list

First of all what is Z list?
It has been started by Mack collier of viral garden in an effort to bring more link and traffic to those blogs which aren't really getting their due respect they deserve.If you want free traffic and links then just CUT AND PASTE the list I have below, and then ADD any blogs you feel aren't getting their due either. It can be 1 blog, or a hundred(or none if you simply want to repost the same list), but the idea is, find those great blogs that, for whatever reason, you feel aren't getting their due, link-wise.

The list I found:Connected Internet
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Fellow bloggers add your fav list and pass it on.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

DTH delight in Dubai.(Indian Jugar)

Read an article in ET didn't found a link on ET website so trying to reproduce this interesting piece of information.

We Indians are known to be Jugari ie expert in make shift arrangements.The latest jugar left me wondering about the Indian thinking mind.

NRI living in Dubai were using Local DTH at an exorbitant cost of INR 1800/ month.How ever there family in India were boasting of a world class DTH service for INR 200/month.

So the Jugari Indian NRI got an extra DTH connection back home on his Trip to home got the service activated in India.While going back to Dubai he carried only the Set top box ,bought a local dish antenna got it aligned to the Indian DTH satellite and Bingo Indian DTH at Indian cost in Dubai.He he...

But the flip side is its illegal and service providers will discontinue the service when they come to know.

The Indian DTH industry has nothing to lose in this but the real damage is to the Gulf DTH operators.Without getting into the technicality of the issue i look at this episode as an example of Jugari Indian Thinking.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Good films banned why??

I quote wikipedia here on freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent
human right to voice one's opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment. The right is enshrined in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is granted formal recognition by the laws of most nations.
Indian constitution has enshrined in its fundamental rights the right of freedom of speech.
Every now or when the authorities in power decide what is good or bad for the societies.This is a pretty gray area which is subject to ones education status, social upbringing, religion and region.
Whats fairly common for a region is unthinkable for another,but as the torch bearers of democracy its the duty of the government to encourage the freedom of expression and not act as a despot trying to hide truth from public eye.
We the people are liable to get curbs on every sphere of our life if we do not voice our outright rejection of so called banning of Good films like Parzania and Black Friday.
These bold and brilliant film makers are the brave face of indian cinema unlike the general melodramatic and glossy dance and romance making mainstream.They take huge personal and proffesional risk by venturing out of the streaked pathway of raunchy Bombayiya cinema, but when its time to show there labour of love, the authorities decide its not fit to be shown as, we the indian audiance is not mature enough!!

They are right in saying so as we only selected them and if we were mature enough they would not be ruling us in the first place!!
Jokes apart i ask the fellow bloggers to voice there opinion on this high handedness of respective state governments.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Shahrukh in KBC.

To fit in to the shoes of The Big B is not a mean task but when some one does it with aplomb its a remarkable thing.One rank outsider has been compared and positioned against Mr Bachchan time and again is Shahrukh Khan.
Both these actors are the heartthrob of crores of fans,i happen to like them both,Amit ji is a legend and revered personality the epitomise Angry Young man of Indian cinema,Shahrukh on the other hand is some one who has established himself in front of my eyes and times.So i associate with Shahrukh more as he is my contemporary actor.I remember i had loved him in his first TV serial called Fauzi and then Circus and even Doosra Kewal?The boy has a charm and grace with those mischievous eyes and oodles of enthusiasm.
As Shahrukh struggled and made his way up the echelons so did we in our life,so its a personal sort of relation whereas with Amit ji its a fatherly hue to it.
Now when KBC was handed over to Shahrukh it made big news.And rightly so after his illness last year Big B asked himself to be relived of this spontaneous and demanding job.Mr Bachchan has been there and done that so he moved on Shahrukh was the only one who came near Amit ji so he aws Coxed by Samir and Peter from Star into Hosting KBC.With the first episode itself the obvious comparison started and is on as of now with divergent views being expressed from Bachchan camp and Shahrukh camp.
The Era of Amit ji his remarkable chaste Hindi and his persona cant be matched but Shahrukh has given an youthful exuberance to the show with he being more open and intimate with contestants.No doubt it will take time to get him used to the small screen.
To me he appears to be settling down and enjoying too,he also took to donating his watch to the loser a couple of times but barring those histrionics he is doing well.So give him a break and just chill.Though comparisons will continue.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mumbai belongs to shiv sena.

For the audience out side Mumbai,Shiv sena may be new but in India there will be many who simply love it or hate it.Mumbai went into Municipal poles on 1st feb 2007,The BMC as it is called normally is the largest Municipality of the world.

The BMC is the local governing council which manages the city at the grass root level.It was under the rule of Shiv sena BJP combine since long.The party was deserted by some strong leaders like Narayan Rane and Raj Thakre in the recent past.The last Lok Sabha elections and the State elections were not good for the Hindutva party as it kept on losing time and again to Congress.

Before the results were declared not many had thought that the appeal by the Stalwart and old lion Bala saheb Thakre will be paid heed by voters. But coming out in public of the leader motivated the Marathi speaking citizens to vote in strong numbers to save there identity.The Marathi speaking locals feel insecure about the growing influence of the migrants,as it dilutes there identity culture and ethos.

The sons of the soil have every right to protect there culture and ethos and i support there view,to me the people of Maharashtra are friendly gentle and down to earth as compared to the typical North Indians.Mumbai is home to so many cultures and religions and flourishing business,this could not have been possible without the accommodating nature of Marathi Manus.Those north Indians who defer from my point of view simply answer my question How will the typical UP or Bihar populace behave if they feel threatened by growth of migrant Maratha's in there state? OR How will they behave if 25% seats in Bihar or UP assembly are won by Maratha's?

But Maratha's are taking these things in there stride here and Kudos to them.They present the real liberated and educated mindset which our country needs.

And in light of this fact its no surprise that Bombay belongs to the Sena and rightly so.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Black friday.

We have been hearing about the Black Friday for quite some time,its a movie made by Anurag kashyap on the Mumbai bomb blast of 1993.I thought of digging out the details for my readers as i firmly believe in" Freedom of Expression ",Anurags creation is lying in a box for quite some time its time it sees light of day.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

When court calls bloggers.!?

Blog blips need not be tolerated. In Mumbai’s first legal attempt to regulate slanderous speech on Internet blogs, the Bombay High Court recently restrained Google from publishing allegedly slanderous content on three blogs — mediamalice, mediamamu and indiamediareview.
Responding to a defamation suit filed by a city journalist, the HC on January 15 in an ad-interim order also directed Google, which provides the free blog service, to disclose names, addresses and any other information regarding the people who man these blogs.
Offended by the “grossly scandalous and defamatory” articles published on the three blogs, the senior journalist has filed a suit claiming damages worth Rs10 lakh. Since the identity of the people providing the content on the blogs is not known, only Google has been named as a defendant in the case.
“Once we know the identity of the offenders, they too will be made party to the case,” plaintiff’s lawyer YR Shah .The offensive articles were published on the blogs between September 2006 and November 2006 under the heading ‘Mumbai Press Club: A Pick-up Joint’, ‘Leader Cons Member’, ‘Mumbai Press Club rots and reeks’. The articles directly attacked the journalist and others, attributing several nefarious activities to them.
The suit states that it is the duty of Google to regulate the content of the blogs. But lawyers feel that the fixing liability on an internet service provider especially when content is pasted by a third party is still a grey area.
Google’s terms of service for bloggers are clear that it does not endorse, verify, monitor or take responsibility of the content on or But it does urge users to abide by its content policy, which says users should not publish unlawful, defamatory and fraudulent content.
“The responsibility of an Internet service provider remains undefined,” says Shridhar Gorthi, partner in Trilegal, a law firm. “Does the liability end with screening content, installing community watch by appointing moderators or simply by listing rules and regulations?” he asks.
In December 2004, the Delhi police had arrested CEO Avnish Bajaj after a Delhi school kid sold eight Cd's containing MMS clips of a sexual act with his girlfriend on the Internet portal.
The case is still spending in the Delhi Sessions court.
Lawyers also point out that tracking faceless offenders in cyberspace may be a difficult task.
There is a good possibility of mischief mongers listing false e-mail addresses and fraudulent details to avoid tracking, says lawyer Gautam Patel. “In such cases, the service provider can only provide the IP (internet protocol) address,” he says.

Analysis:Blogging is an independent medium where commoners get a platform to share and shoe there viewpoint,it should not be abused to settle personal scores,inflame religious passion and cheating,But as part of today's world there will always be aberrations but its the individual responsibility of we bloggers to keep it clean and True.