Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Age no bar, watch your heart.

The langda of Omkara alias Saif Ali Khan Pataudi Aka Chote Nawab was taken to Lilawati hospital for Chest pain and uneasiness.The Tv and print media got a good story and it all begun.To me it appeared a blown up celebrity Hospitalisation,but if one looks deeply it shows a vicious trend .
Those who are getting heart attack now a days are not 45yr old but its young men in there 30s.
In today's world of Internet there is no dearth of information if one wants to have a look.
We all know what are the causes and factors which lead to cardiac problems.
Here my humble advice to all fellow readers is to take it seriously and avoid one of the most prominent component of any disease "Stress".
I know its easier said than done but i have seen people in my Pharma career who repent only when they are in Cardiac intensive care unit.Friends when in extreme stressful situation take a deep breath and think is the stress worth taking??
It might be so important to you at that moment but will you have the same feeling when you are in ICU.???

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