Sunday, February 18, 2007

Delhi vs Mumbai.

Was on a personal trip to Delhi and was again left impressed to the core by the change in the city happening each passing year.Sprawling Bungalows vs Cramped flats in Mumbai,Wide Roads vs Potholed roads,Open public gardens( 10 times the size of miniature society gardens we have in Mumbai,Un interrupted power Vs dark evenings in Vasai,Rs 350 vs Rs1100 fare of cab from airport.Cool crisp pollution free environment vs noisy cramped filthy stale air.Metro vs Local trains.... and on and on..
In case its making you depressed i come to the point the commercial capital of India is in Shambles and its deteriorating by the day.The maximum contributor of taxes is not getting its due and all the fault lies with the leaders who are short sighted as compared to there northern counterparts.
Take example of Power.
we pay the cost of power we consume, then why its being made as if the consumer is a culprit for the short fall.The government announce sop for industry organised retail and all but its all recuperated from common man.Why the government of Gujrat can have surplus power and Maharastra under 8 hr cut daily in Mumbai suburbs(just 16 hr in villages).Whats happening why is the money collected from bills not put in installing new power plants?If therec is industrial and local pilferage why should the common man suffer for the incompetence of Electricity boards?
when leaders in Mumbai compare them selves to Shanghai!! They forget the world class city Delhi is turning out to be.Its time Mumbai Janta demand Better power,Better roads,Better local trains, Better educational institutes,and a breathing space out of deserted mills ,navy installation's,ports and businesses whose moving out from Mumbai will help it develop.
The Chalta hai attitude of Mumbaikars is proving too costly as we are depriving our children of the basic amenities their counterparts have in Delhi.
Think and inform others also. Before its too late...


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rupwaliaktiwari said...

It's true that delhi has made lot of progress in the last decade or so, in terms of infrastrcture. Mumbai on the other hand has been stagnant. (Power situation in Delhi is not much better, though).

It's ironic that we are dreaming of making Mumbai a regional financial centre, but there is no vision to back it. This was announced by the finance minister in his budget speech two years back, but there has been little progress.

One of the reasons why Delhi has been able to achieve so much in a short span of time is having its own government. Moreover, the government has been helped along by the persistent proddings of the Supreme Court. For exmaple, when you are talking of clean air, it has been possible becuase of the judiciary's dogged pursuit of CNG, shifting of industries, etc. - something the government would not have been able to do if left to itself.

Information Junkie said...

Mumbai treat women much better. There is culture of fairness there and the public transport is cosmopolitan and goes across the demographics. Mumbai attitude is not like Delhi attitude of making a fool of you just for its sake.

Delhi pollution is horrible and it is due to a waether pattern. It gets pollution even from China.

Mumbai is doing well with its infrastructure. Once it gets the traffic moving, it would be a great place to live.

Link here for Traffic woes solution.

Amit Shekhar said...

Thanks dear readers for your comments.


true delhi now outscores mumbai and something has to be done about mumbai . mumbai use to be safe for women but now its conditon is also poor and both delhi mumbai should look into it

Starry-eyed Shruti said...
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Amit Shekhar said...

I do agree to that Shruti ji.


I agree that Mumbai needs a revamp. Mumbai CM tried to remove slums but political leaders from Center again played votebank politics eyeing chunk of votes from Slums and that effort of CM was all waste. Dharavi is revamped now. Good news finally.

If you talk @ air. I think apart from humidity air in Mumbai is far less polluted than Delhi.

Mumbai as already out of space in 1980. It can;t expand. It;s good news that Delhi is becoming better & better.


I think Delhi can not be compared with any city of India. We must know that Delhi is going to get a 190 kms. long Metro Rail network by 2010. Its incomparable. Thanks to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. May Dr. E. Sreedharan live long. I request Govt. of India to honour him with "Bharat Ratna".

Anonymous said...

@ info junkie..
r u out of ur mind???
r u mad or jst a fool??
delhi is far far far better than bomabay... no regionalism.. no pollution.. better roads.. infrastructure... nd above all.. no maharashtrians...

varun sagar said...

@ info junkie

Delhi get pollution from china

Considering the map of the indian subcontinent the pollution jumps over nepal , uttarpradesh , himachal and the rest of the states touching china border and attacks delhi straight ... quiet possible isn't it .. any delhi-china waterways the pollution is trying to enter from ... which delhi isn't aware of

get real man .. .delhi is unsafe for women .. all because of the desperate and uneducated classes coming from Bihar and Jharkhand

We need to take care of such issues in delhi .. and the other such spoiling the city of Mumbai

As an individual do what u can do best ... and speak when our cities have a stance amongst the world's best

Sagar Gupta said...


bhai delhi aaya hai kabhi? ek kaam karna jab teri mumbai mein baad(angreji mein flood) aaye barsaat ke dino mein tab delhi aajana. i hope wahan ki halat teri mumbai se to theek hi hogi. doobne se to bach hi jayega aur isi bahane tu chhuttiyan bhi mana lega. waise bhi tera mann nahi lagta hoga mumbai mein dance bar jo band ho gaye hain.

Ravi said...

Delhi has got powercuts dude, and I am now planning to move to mumbai, and read this article now. How is the situation there now?

Sagar Gupta said...

Ravi bhai abhi mat jaao mumbai. 2 mahine ruk lo. waise bhi gandi wali baad(angreji mein flood) aane wali hai wahan july mein.

Anonymous said...

Delhi and Mumbai?? Ofcourse Mumbai any day, Infact Mumbai over any city in India. It is the most cosmopolitian city here in India. Its always the people who make the city, you wont ever feel like a stranger ever in Mumbai. Raj Thakaray can suck my balls..even mumbaikars hate him, but Raj Thakaray does not make Mumbai. People fail to realize that there is a lot more to Mumbai than the slums and bollywood, In Mumbai ppl stand in queues, drive in lanes.. its not something great ..but try finding that in any other city in the country. Dharavi the biggest slum of Asia is in Mumbai..but these people also add to the vibe of the city..its these workers and their hands which build the skyscrapers of the city. Dharavi in itself has lot of small scale industries in itself and the total turnover form the industries in Dharvai is 650 million US dollars per year..which is equivalent to a small country and it paying the major chunk of taxes to the country's exchequer. Hell i knw of a vada pao vendor who rides a Suzuki Hayabusa ( shocking but true. )
It is really the city which never sleeps..other cities can try to be like the maximum city, but there is only one Maximum City, City of dreams and oppertunity..Mumbai.
While the Dilliwallas can brag about the metro, we have the crowded but super efficient local trains already, the metro is being constructed and the phase I should be completed in a couple of years. Floods were better managed this time and they are constantly revamping the drainage system, we have the sealink in place and there are some mega projects going on which would definetly make the lives of people easier..i guess the dilliwalas can only have the metro to brag about..but the morons forgot that a city is made up of people. In a way i am happy that Delhi is getting there, atleast the huge migration of people is getting distributed equally instead of concentrating to one city.

People who are hell bent to compare Delhi and Mumbai can suck my balls..both are different..and have their own pros and cons. I would always want to settle in Mumbai ( right now in Bangalore )than any other city.

Mohit said...

Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai... It's all about who came into buzzing first, Mumbai pehle aayi isliye Mumbai Mumbai.. Check out the New Era's Delhi!

Ab koi powercutt nhi hai Delhi mei dude.. Jitna time mumbai ne lagaya hai na us-se kam time me Delhi India ki most developed city ho gayi hai.

Delhi me thore bahut bihari babu zarror hai but Delhi is a slum free city. Or waise bhi delhi ko common wealth games ke liye aise hi select nhi kiya gaya... Even Delhi-6 mei old delhi dikhayi hai.. asli delhi to tum yaha aakar hi dekh lena.. And I bet you'll change your mind about it.

Even Mumbai ka saara bollywood Delhi shift kar rha tha but Delhi Govt. didn't allowed them to do so..

Sanket said...

Then also,who pays more revenue?Our Mumbai or your Delhi?
Each project in Mumbai has to be sanctioned by Delhi!Then be it a metro rail or mono rail!
Mind your toungue before abusing Mumbai!
& remember:-Empty vessels make more noise!

Mohit said...

@Sanket I Never abused Mumbai infact I Love Mumbai. It's one of my lovable cities. I would love to live there. Read my above comment wisely. Did I abused?

If you still think so than listen I'm abusing those guys who always says Mumbai is this and that and Delhi is just @#$%?>. This is whats make me feel bad about it.

As you are saying about revenue than you should know that Delhi and Mumbai both are competing in it. You can't say that Mumbai is raising more revenue than Delhi.

And don't say like "My mumbai your delhi" It's way you are promoting communal-ism, thus leaving a bad mark on your community. It would be better if you say "Our country and Our cities".

The title in itself is creating disputes Delhi VS Mumbai.. Why it can't be Delhi and Mumbai.

Don't be a Mumbaikar only Sanket. Be an Indian like we Delhites and other Mumbaikars are..!

Sanket said...

Dude I'm too Indian first!
& let me inform you,OUR(yours & mine & of all Indians)pays 40% of total revenue!
The buzz is that,people-runned Mumbai is always neglected by the centre!
Metro was to come in 90's in the city,but unfortunately porr politics played a bad role!

Ajay said...

Dear Sanket,

Please do not play Raj Thackeray kind of politics here. Every city be it mumbai or delhi is what you call people-runned.

It was a stupid thing to say that all the projects for mumbai are cleared by delhi. Please be aware that Delhi govt is different from central govt. Also infrastructure related projects are state concerned matters and does not need a permission from central govt or DELHI govt.

No doubt Mumbai is an integral and lovable part of india but its also true that Delhi does have a better infrastructure.

We would like to see all the cities in india to be like mumbai and delhi. Please stop creating this divide and playing like Raj goons


Mohit said...

Totally satisfied with you bro.

If people runned Mumbai then just stay calm.. don't abuse them bak coz it makes a bad impression on u too along wid dem... their words doesn't makes a reality.. and it's you who makes the city's image not the city's infrastructure.

addi said...

delhi is damn better...cause of gud n helpful ppl n with d world class infrastructure not like d cramped buildings in mumbai.....however i agree mumbai is tooooo cool n nits d financial capital of india....but new delhi is the capital of iiindia...

Aditya said...

Jealous anonymous sitting in Bangalore and commenting over Delhi vs Mumbai..Lolz..

My son when u ain't living in either of the PRESENT DAY Delhi or Mumbai,then just keep your mouth shut cuz U hardly know wots up in these cities,at the moment


Anonymous said...

@ Aditya, here is somthing for you SON,,Let me try to give my honest opinion.
Disclaimer, i have homes in Delhi and Mumbai and shuttle between these 2 cities and i have grown up in Bangalore.

Mumbai :-

1) More cosmopolitian ( Marathis, Gujjus, UPites, Tamils, Kannadigas, Biharis, Mallus, Punjabis, Bengalis, Marwaris Telgus etc.) Even mix of people, majority being Marathis and Gujjus. Great people, professional and hard working. ( This is
Subjective ). I have seen uber rich people travel in the public transport. Best night life in the country. City that never sleeps, people out on the streets even at mid night. Safe for working women even to travel alone late in the night.

2) Public transport ( suburban trains ) is crowded and runs 3 times the capacity, suburban trains need a major revamp. Neglect from the Indian railways and lack of big ticket funding from the Central Govt has ensured that system has not upgraded enough. The good thing is trains are efficent and reliable, run from early morning before day break till past midnight with a very good frequency.

The Metro and Monorail is under construction and would bring respite to the commutors soon.

3) Decent roads, mostly concrete, awesome sealink the best in the country, bigger sealinks and freeways, expressways in the pipe line and under construction. Good traffic sense in majority of drivers, people drive in lanes which is hardly found anywhere else in the country atleast i havent seen in Bangalore or Delhi.

4) Moderate climate, does not exceed 36 degrees in summers. Sometimes receives heavy rainfall which flood low lying places. However the rains brings out the best in the city and its neighbour hood hills and mountains with abudant waterfalls in close vicinity. Being a coastal city, Mumbai can boast of beaches and awesome water fronts and seafacing roads and houses. More seafronts are getting developed and in the ipeline.
Most options available for getaways which can be driven in 4-5 hrs, Hillstations, beaches etc.

Delhi :-

1) Lesser cosmopolitain compared to Mumbai, although there are people from all over the country, majority are from the neighbouring states. General perseption of people is rude and loud spoken and showoffs ( I speak from experience ). You are more likely to be cheated by an auto driver or taxi driver than Mumbai. You need to be loud to make your point.

2) Awesome metro service with latest trains and a/c comfort, the best in the country. High speed train link to the airport is also a first in the country.

3) The best roads in the country, well planned and maintained. More expressways in the pipeline.

4) Extreme climate, too hot and too cold. The good thing is you can have a seperate winter wardrobe owing to the chilly weather in winter. Both the cities are growing and poised to play a major role in the world.

If i look at comparing these 2 cities,

Delhi scores in infrastructure ( metro best roads ). Mumbai scores in everything else. After living in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai i can confidently say Mumbai offers a better quality of life. Infrastructe wise both cities would be
comparable in the next few years, but i cant say the same about other factors. Afterall Mumbai has the geographical adavantage.

Right now there is a funding bias from the Central Govt to Delhi and Delhi gets the lions share of Centre\’s funding for infrastrutue. While Mumbai contributes the max to the Govt revenues, it has got a step motherly treatment from the Centre in the last few years. Hope this changes soon!!

Ajay said...

Dear Anonymous,

You are shuttling between the 2 cities,that does not really mean you live in these cities for long.

I had chance to live in both cities due to the nature of my job. I lived for around 3 years in Mumbai and its been around 3 and 2 months here in Delhi.

As a person who had the oppurtunity to live in both cities i can very well say that few of your observations are inaccurate.

Mumbai and Delhi

I am specifically writing "Mumbai and Delhi" rather than "Mumbai vs Delhi" because i really feel One’s the New York of India; the other’s the Washington.

1) You term Mumbai as more cosmopolitian and i am quite amazed at it. Its not a secret how North Indians are treated in Mumbai and i am not going by just media reports or not just referring to GOONS of Raj Thackerey. Feeling of regionalism plagues Mumbai today and that too at the micro level of common people.

Delhi is atleast not infected by this regionalism virus. I agree auto drivers are better in Mumbai but is it a good reason to term delhi less cosmopolitian.

2) Coming to Public transport. You are right that public transport is under pressure due to high population but isnt this a problem in every mega indian city including Delhi.

You are wrong when you say Indian Railway is not putting funds in Mumbai... Truth is that the money allocated for Mumbai suburban and local rail network is the highest as compared to any other state or city local rail needs.
Ring rail network in Delhi (which i am sure majority does not know) is cash strap and is being ignored else it would have helped a lot to ease the crowd on roads.

Traffic infrastructure (Flyovers, Underpasses, FOBs, Expressways, Metro, Grade Sperators) is best in Delhi. Yes Sealink is very nice at especially at night but kinda similar link will be there in delhi soon in the name of Signature bridge. Number of cars in delhi is equal to combined numbers in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai so its still amazing that infrastructure is able to sustain the volume. With these number of cars Mumbai roads will be choked... actually dead.

3) Now lets talk about traffic sense. hahaha it does not exist in any of the indian city. I used to get stuck in traffic jams in mumbai as compared to Delhi.

Yes no doubt Delhi needs to do better in civic sense but equally mumbai needs to work on its civic sense. Civic Sense is missing in all indians anyways.

4) Referring to Climate.... yes Mumbai would score better than Delhi. Delhi experiences extreme winter and summer while Mumbai has not so extreme weather though its humid. How Rains play havoc in Mumbai has been seen by world so i wont say anything on it.

While Delhi is dirty yamuna passing through while Mumbai has dirty seafronts. I was actually laughing when you said "awesome" seafronts... one cant really stand the filthy smell and dirt on various so called "famous" beaches. Weekend gateways are present in both the cities and so both the cities score equal in this area.

Finally coming to your last point on alleged "funding bias from the Central Govt to Delhi" check your facts please. If you dont take into account the commonwealth games funds ... Delhi gets less than mumbai. YOu might want to look at the data of center aid and funds to both the cities before commonwealth was awarded to delhi. When you say that "Mumbai contributes the max to the Govt revenues" you are actually forgetting that Mumbai has been developed as the financial capital of india due to which most of the MNCs and companies have there headquarters in Mumbai (I am glad its changing now) ... which means when they file there taxes they would actually file in mumbai which adds up to the tally

I would humbly request you not to present wrong facts. Both cities are good and are the engines of whole nation.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys..
I stayed in delhi for more han 4 years and currently staying in mumbai...being a woman and based on my personal experiences i can say that mumbai is far more safe and friendly than delhi.
I would have never dared to board off the train alone in 4 in morning in delhi the way i did in mumbai.Mumbai offers a cozy and warm feel unlike delhi.

Ajay said...


In case you are a north indian please do not reveal that because it wont be cozy anymore ... lolz

Anonymous said...

How dare u abuse Delhi! Mumbai sux!
When ppl who r living in mumbai come out of their dirty flats they will get to know what Delhi is all about and Delhi Rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Alright!! Listen up guys..

(If it matters to you.. Im from Mumbai and a Maharashtrian)..

I havent had a lot of exposure to Delhi... but I dont care..

I am born in Mumbai brought up in Mumbai and lived in Sydney for 2 years...


Not that I want to impose things on you guys.. BUT you;re all dumb f**ks.. WHY?? Coz you fight amongst each other.. And thats not dumb enough... what really steals the show is.. you dont even realise that your so called 'RIGHT' Thinking affects the cultural perpective of several people and ill-motivates other non-thinking bastards to write (abuse) further..

The Ministers in both MUMBAI AND DELHI... are Stupid and I personally hope their balls get infection by a million pests.. !! But what surprises me.. is educated people like you, whom I consider my Brothers and Sisters (Irrespective of your Region, language and economic conditions) act like Illiterates...

Lets say you were able to prove your point.. "DELHI is better than Mumbai!!" .... whts nxt?? How could it possible help you or the city?? And vice-versa to Mumbaiites..

The fact remains... Mumbai and Delhi are what they are... owing their success to the Countries developing economy... You cannot generalise about the people living in these cities, mainly because they all essentially come from all over the cities.

Do yourself a favour, goto.. a developed country.. and see how they live amongst each other.. THEY LIVE ONE... THEY STAND AS ONE... THEY FIGHT AS ONE... Unlike us... WE FIGHT AGAINST EACH OTHER.. WE STAND AGAINST EACH OTHER.. and definately CANNOT LIVE WITH EACH OTHER...

You guys sound like inhabitants of two warring nations... look at yourself... You guys need a revamped mind.

This post was about how delhi is improving.. and Mumbai is degrading!! Not about how delhi is better and mumbai is worse.. !! Theres a difference .. that not many Indians will understand here.. owing to get short sightedness!!


MNS AND SHIV SENA... are playing the Divide and rule philosophy.. the quicker Mumbaiikars realise this.. the better off. THINK and youll know.. that the whole MNS ans SHIV SENA saga is.. a BAL Thackeray's brainchild.. He is OLD but still dirty smart.

Anonymous said...

well delhi is much better thn mumbai?
i think tht oaf person shld b jking or tht person is stuck in delhi itslf..mumbai constitute more gdp thn india...n its has more per capita income thn delhi....mumbai is private area...while delhi is corrupted political area...wit obnoxious weed person ...staying icing in the cake is delhi is lawless so-called metro....delhi cnt even come close 2 mumbai in generation 2 come

Mohit said...

@ my all Indian brothers! "I love you all!"

I want to ask you all a question, and I req you to please answer it wisely!!

What comes up first in your mind when you salute a "waving Indian flag" by heart? Mumbai or Delhi?

Am a Delhite, but still i see my whole nation in my heart at that time. How about you? Put your hand on your heart and than think!! Reply is must!!

Anonymous said...

dog shit, bull shit, dats wat delhi is all about. ass heating summer, nose bleeding winter, with no rainfalls for weeks sumtimes. people on other hand, ready to fucck up visitors right from d station they arrive. no.1 thieves in india. maximum population is of biharis n bhaiyyaas. delhites curse mumbai rainfall n flood, let me remind them dat, mumbai floods when extreme rainfall happens for more than a week, but delhi sucks in 1 night alone. fuck off delhi, fuckoff delhites, real ass holes

Anonymous said...

hi agree with this anonymous

Tariq said...

Correct now mumbai Has to grow up in terms of infrastructure and specially in public transport like they have get rid off crowdy local trains to much more convenient metro trains

ScriptMaster said...

Here people are comparing delhi and mumbai, what a joke. Let's analyze :

1)locals vs metro : How anybody can comapre these two. Locals are lifeline. The numbers of passenger they carry in a day , delhi metros do not carry in a year. Almost 95% of people in India wants a cheap mean of travel. Mumbai locals provide that option. Metros are more of a show room product.
2)Crime : Friends , Delhi is a hell. Very unsafe. You will get cheated and you just can't do anything. Delhi is not safe at all. I am not saying that mumbai is 100% crime free but it is thousand time better than Delhi.
3)About that ShivSena and MNS stuff : I don't know people writing here about this has ever traveled or not? It is rampant in all India. Go to UP, Bihar, Tamilnadu and stay there for few months. UP and Bihar me to aap apni train ki seats local passenger ko nahi do to maarne peetne se lekar train jalane tak ki naubat aayi hai.
I don't have time, Otherwise I would have written much more.May be next time.

Aman Mahajan said...

I am from delhi actually and i had recently completed my BE from mumbai university...the city is pretty good and night life is awesome.....but one thing i am not able to understand ....why mumbaikars always compare delhi and mumbai...where ever I go they would ask me where r u frm.....and just after giving the anwser....their sudden response "kya acha lga Delhi ya Mumbai"...
Then I usually gave the diplomatic answer.."Dono hi badiya hai....bas mumbai thoda congested hai..."

Plz stop fighting over this idiot issue ....This is purely a waste of time ...Both cities are fantabulous

Anonymous said...

All u guys comparing delhi n mumbai r dumb fuks...u guys dnt knw any facts..u guys r just braging abt ur cities for no reason..u guys r always gonna be loosers..get a life n stop fighting..n if u wanna fight go join the military n fight against our countries enimies n not wid each other..

PS. I love mumbai


wh osays that delhi dont have maharashtrians... For ur kind of information.. delhi is the only city in india where people dont fight with each other for their culture or the place they come from. Delhi always accept everyone who come to him and gave him all the success he deserve without demanding anything in return. People here are very much friendly. they are not like mumbaikars who keep on saying that the people from other states are more. Delhi have people from all over the country and there is no fight between them ever. Delhi have a place like chandni chowk where mandir, masjid, church and gurudwara all in place facing each other. People live like a family here. Come and see delhi and then say anything about delhi.

Anonymous said...

Guys stop fighting over these funny issues... India is surrounded by two dangerous countries from the East as well as the west. Trust me, if we dont stood together. We will fall short of space to run either be it Delhi or Mumbai. Dont be a sucker like Raj. Be a true Indian.

Anonymous said...

india having great city itself so divide this land for the sake of two
moral cities who having there own worth....Mumbai is Mumbai and Delhi is Delhi....if MNS and Shivsena playing divide and rule we are not responsible bcz everybody is playing
here with our's humanity ,we the Mumbaikars not having time to spend a enough time with family...we are surviving from morning to evening to our life better we can't excess these all please stop draging Mumbai and Delhi for egoistic nature it will create problem for those Mumbaikar who is not responsible this...

Mumbai mere jaan...Mumbaikar

Anonymous said...

Delhi is the best city

Anonymous said...

delhi has 4000000 cars, mumbai has 1200000 (poor), delhi slum 35-45%, Mumbai slum 70-80%, HDI(human development Index) delhi 0.875(very high), Mumbai HDi .560 (low), delhi have 11000+ buses, mumbai Best has 4685 buses. i have many proofs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To the assfucker Anonymous who kinda crossed the limit by abusing Delhi. By saying a lot of 'shit' about Delhi.Seems like you are very fond of 'shit'. Of course you get that word from your hometown. As all you can see in the shitty city of Mumbai is 'shit. Talking about Delhi's weather,Delhi's weather is far more better than the hot throughout the year weather of the shitty place. Delhi accepts people irrespective of their caste,religion or their social status. Delhi does not have social discrimination unlike Mumbai. Everything here in Delhi is better than Mumbai-Fashion,food,infrastructure,you name any. Seeing your hyper reactions on your views about Delhi,it seems like your life got fucked up here in Delhi. So,you are showing your agony by posting shitty comments about Delhi. In any case Mumbaikars have always been jealous of Delhites cause Delhi has developed so much in such a short span of time. And Fuck off shitty Mumbai and the Mumbaikars. You are some real jealous psycho bitches.

abhistu said...

delhi is better than mumbai anytime.... look at the roads in mumbai , luk at the infrastructure in mumbai.. clumsy roads that stinks... we have world class metro... and foryour information delhi is one of the world's most greenest capital.... mumbai is nowhere to delhi... educational institution, universities, people are way ahead than mumbai... and if you are comparing mumbai+pune+ahemedabaad than delhi must like..delhi+gurgaon+noida+ghaziabaad+faridabaad+agra+jaipur+chandigarh+ and many.
this north delhi dominated area is far better than any other area.
mumbaikars must accept now delhi is the best city of india now.

abhistu said...

delhi is better than mumbai anytime.... look at the roads in mumbai , luk at the infrastructure in mumbai.. clumsy roads that stinks... we have world class metro... and foryour information delhi is one of the world's most greenest capital.... mumbai is nowhere to delhi... educational institution, universities, people are way ahead than mumbai... and if you are comparing mumbai+pune+ahemedabaad than delhi must like..delhi+gurgaon+noida+ghaziabaad+faridabaad+agra+jaipur+chandigarh+ and many.
this north delhi dominated area is far better than any other area.
mumbaikars must accept now delhi is the best city of india now.