Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mumbai belongs to shiv sena.

For the audience out side Mumbai,Shiv sena may be new but in India there will be many who simply love it or hate it.Mumbai went into Municipal poles on 1st feb 2007,The BMC as it is called normally is the largest Municipality of the world.

The BMC is the local governing council which manages the city at the grass root level.It was under the rule of Shiv sena BJP combine since long.The party was deserted by some strong leaders like Narayan Rane and Raj Thakre in the recent past.The last Lok Sabha elections and the State elections were not good for the Hindutva party as it kept on losing time and again to Congress.

Before the results were declared not many had thought that the appeal by the Stalwart and old lion Bala saheb Thakre will be paid heed by voters. But coming out in public of the leader motivated the Marathi speaking citizens to vote in strong numbers to save there identity.The Marathi speaking locals feel insecure about the growing influence of the migrants,as it dilutes there identity culture and ethos.

The sons of the soil have every right to protect there culture and ethos and i support there view,to me the people of Maharashtra are friendly gentle and down to earth as compared to the typical North Indians.Mumbai is home to so many cultures and religions and flourishing business,this could not have been possible without the accommodating nature of Marathi Manus.Those north Indians who defer from my point of view simply answer my question How will the typical UP or Bihar populace behave if they feel threatened by growth of migrant Maratha's in there state? OR How will they behave if 25% seats in Bihar or UP assembly are won by Maratha's?

But Maratha's are taking these things in there stride here and Kudos to them.They present the real liberated and educated mindset which our country needs.

And in light of this fact its no surprise that Bombay belongs to the Sena and rightly so.


Anonymous said...

Jai Maharastra,Jai Hind.

Dattaprasad Parab said...

Very good

Hiren said...

While you are right about the accomodating nature of Marathis and their insecurity about their culture, representatives should not be elected because of emotional reasons alone.

Amit Shekhar said...

Hiren Bhai, i agree with your views but alas thats what we forget when we vote.Remember india shining!?

Ajitkumar Wagle said...

My congratulations to you for speaking out the Truth and nothing but the Truth.There is nothing wrong in the sons of the soil trying to save their culture in the light of the intrusions from U.P ,Bihar and other states. Your example of what the feelings of U.Ps and Biharis would be if similar intrusion takes place in their states- was very apt.You have also rightly pointed out that "The MUMBAI" belongs to Marathis and in turn to Sena in general.
Bravo! for speaking the truth even though some may find it bitter!

Marathimedley said...

Great post. I am glad u think so unlike majority of migrants who are thankless and virtually a threat for our language and culture. Now ur a real Mumbaikar. :)

Prasad s. Naik said...

Amit what ever u r talking abt is good to listen but it is not practical,people are migrated from one place to another for there basic necessities, which are not fulfiled in there state(just like indian migrated to USA or UK, ya there basic necessities are different), but now in mumbai migrants are going to be more superior than the locals, problem are not the Bhaiya or other, problem relates to marathi people itself.After the demolaton of Mills in mumbai 80% of mill worker not invested there money in other business they use the money to make a big house at ther native, for parties and other things.The new marathi youth who are belongs to shivsena are not intrested in proper education or betterment of there standard of living,(so many new generation working as a peon, ya all are marathi only)They intrested in Rada, there energy and money wasted in Ganeshutsav or Holi. We cant blame to other people for our misery. We have to take a risk, proper education, cool mind the basic needs to take over the migrants.

Anonymous said...

I agree Mr Naik.

Yogesh R Khatu said...

Mumbai belongs to those who respect the culture of Maharashtra and those who works hard and strive for the success in this city. This land really made of gold....it blesses and gives a justice who struggles to achieve their goals. Really Mumbai acts like a special type magnet; it attracts all types of “materials”. I feel proud that this city is a dream place of everybody and they come here to fulfill their dreams.
Though I m Maharashtrian, but I am not a Mumbaikar.I arrived here in 2005 for a job. Hence i have no right to say not to come here to others.
But here I want to manifest that this city should not become a dismal place due to free incoming and zero outgoing. Government of India should take an organic steps to make “Mumbai” in every state. It is inevitable for the sons of soils of every state.

Yogesh R Khatu said...

Bihar and U.P. states are known for its richest natural resources. These states are sanctified with the primary resources required for the primary needs of the industries. Also abundant man power is the strength of these states. It is surprising that industrial groups are not keen on setting up large industries, even though labour is cheaply available. TATA had never considered Bihar, Zarkhand states even for its low cost car project.
Prime Minister is the highest post for any aspiring politician. So far eight PMs starting from Nehru, LB Shastri, Indira Gandhi, Charan Singh, Rajiv Gandhi, VP Singh, Chandra Shekhar, AB Vajpeyee have all come from U.P. Also maximum number of IAS/IPS officers are belonging to UP/Bihar .Inspite of these conditions, these states are still undeveloped.
This condition can be defined as the Inequality of States. This condition causes the burden on the developed states. It paralyses the cities like Mumbai, Noida, Banglore, New Delhi, Chandigadh and many more. Emerging ill-effects are uncontrolled migration, illegal slums, shabby footpaths and encumber of infrastructural facilities.
Development of the any state depends upon the attitude and quality of leadership of its politicians. There may be many reasons for rise of regionalism; but one might be sure that Politicians of undeveloped states do not want to strengthen the living standards of their citizen so that they can rule indiscriminately.

Yogesh R Khatu,Mumbai