Monday, February 26, 2007

Power crisis?

Last few days have been hot and humid with summer hitting Mumbai harder and earlier than usual.What compounds the problem is the lack of electricity.Maharastra as a state has been facing power shortage since long and the situation is far from improving.
Have you ever been asked by your phone company to use its services less?
No because as much you use its good for them as it gives revenue.But the power distribution agencies plead customers to use less power and blame user for shortage?
My point is are they not charging the full cost of power generation from public?
Yes they do recover the cost but lament about the pilferage in slums and industrial area?
Why should a domestic customer suffer for the inefficiency of distribution company in stopping the pilferage and shortage therefore?
The short sightedness of politicians have lead to this scarcity of power as vested interest does not allow private players to come in power generation in big way.The corrupt and inefficient state electricity boards are home to bribe and all sorts of unethical practises.I am aware of villagers collecting donation of INR 10000. To be given to the tout for replacing the burnt out transformer?Going by the normal course can take couple of months!!!
The same lethargic mentality was evident in other Public sector undertakings before privatisation pushed them on toe!
Take for example the Nationalise banks VS the private sector banks.Do you think the PSU banks would have improved on there own? A strong No!
Ten years back when only the state provided telecom it use to take years to get a phone connection now it takes minuets! If these sectors could prosper and revive the Indian growth saga then there is no better contender for privatisation than Power generation.
And for MSEB
Stop preaching the customer as to how to use power,instead check the power theft in industrial area,Curb corruption inside.

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