Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Indian IITians are known to be tech savvy and path breaking thinkers.Though the Sabir bhatia story made Indians Proud there was a lack of consistency as the dot com bubble burst and the start ups failed miserably barring a few like Baazee et al.
But every once a while there comes a start up which challenges the conventional?
The idea behind this start up was the success of online chat sites like ICQ MSN Yahoo Google et al.The founders idea was "to empower people to get their message out by making unified, interactive, multimedia messaging a reality on mobile phones".
Thus in 2004 in San Diego California was Born a company called Rocketalk.(Rock th talk or Rocket talk?)
This company is focusing on the hand held market which my readers will agree is the future.
I downloaded the app on My Nokia 3230 and registered, its amazing to have Rocketalk as one can send and receive Media SMS MMs Voice free of cost!!
You have to have a compatible phone.
The basic requirement is a data plan (GPRS) which is the cheapest in India(AIRTEL).Other places check with your Mobile service provider as this app uses considerable amount of data.
The best way is to get a unlimited plan. I am using Rocketalk from today and i must say its impressive? So all you Tech savvy readers try this out.(And this is not a paid post, its out of my own impulse that i decided to promote a tech company,Probably the indian connection:-) ....


Lowtechgal said...

Hey- did you try the new version? With video and audio chat? The best part i like about it is the total unadultrated/un-censored interactions with people from around the world.

Makes me remember the familiar childhood poem- There was a Naughty boy and a naughty boy was he. He ran away to Scotland, the people there to see...... but he found that the ground, was as hard; that a yard was as long, that a song was as merry; that a Cherry was as red...

Underneath the political divisions, we all are the same- same things bring us joy.. the same things bring tears to our eyes. I found a wonderful peek in to what is happening around the world - directly from the people- no media, no politics, no hype, no pretensions. Voice, pictures video- so spontanious- so very personal.

Tech said...

I agree with Lowtechgirl.. New version is way better and interactive then the earlier one. If you liked it earlier i am sure you will love it now!