Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Shahrukh in KBC.

To fit in to the shoes of The Big B is not a mean task but when some one does it with aplomb its a remarkable thing.One rank outsider has been compared and positioned against Mr Bachchan time and again is Shahrukh Khan.
Both these actors are the heartthrob of crores of fans,i happen to like them both,Amit ji is a legend and revered personality the epitomise Angry Young man of Indian cinema,Shahrukh on the other hand is some one who has established himself in front of my eyes and times.So i associate with Shahrukh more as he is my contemporary actor.I remember i had loved him in his first TV serial called Fauzi and then Circus and even Doosra Kewal?The boy has a charm and grace with those mischievous eyes and oodles of enthusiasm.
As Shahrukh struggled and made his way up the echelons so did we in our life,so its a personal sort of relation whereas with Amit ji its a fatherly hue to it.
Now when KBC was handed over to Shahrukh it made big news.And rightly so after his illness last year Big B asked himself to be relived of this spontaneous and demanding job.Mr Bachchan has been there and done that so he moved on Shahrukh was the only one who came near Amit ji so he aws Coxed by Samir and Peter from Star into Hosting KBC.With the first episode itself the obvious comparison started and is on as of now with divergent views being expressed from Bachchan camp and Shahrukh camp.
The Era of Amit ji his remarkable chaste Hindi and his persona cant be matched but Shahrukh has given an youthful exuberance to the show with he being more open and intimate with contestants.No doubt it will take time to get him used to the small screen.
To me he appears to be settling down and enjoying too,he also took to donating his watch to the loser a couple of times but barring those histrionics he is doing well.So give him a break and just chill.Though comparisons will continue.


Kirtan said...

SRK is just Copy Cat and cant boost KBC like Big B

Dattaprasad Parab said...

SRK Cannot make up the Charisma of BIG B

Amit Shekhar said...

You are entitled to your view i respect that.