Wednesday, February 21, 2007

State under sieze.

The Samjhaota Express bombing and death of 66 passengers was tragic and showed the ugly picture of terrorism and its roots in India.It raises a lot many questions .What was a clear case of terror strike was downplayed by the government by stating the the peace process will not stop?
Was the death of 65 people of no consequence to the state?The same government made a mockery of its stand on Mumbai train blast by First claiming to be having clinching evidenceof Paks involment, to solid evidence, to not even discussing it with Pakistani delegation in talks!!
What we see now is a knee jerk reaction after each terror attack with state paying visits and announcing some financial compensation,and the slow investigation starts?
Take the case of the attack on Parliament what happens even when the supreme court gives a verdict of death! The case lingers as every step in judiciary takes its own time?
The reply to terrorist has to swift and strong the dilly dolling gives them further impetus.
As always the terrorist target common man but with each strike the VIP security increases?
According to me the government can not provide for the personal security of each citizen but what it can and should do is to punish the terrorist swiftly.
with them The first lesson Jehadis are tought is that only the meek and poor compromise so soft approachhas never given any good result and will never give.
One who is brainwashed to kill you and destroy your country cant be dealt with polite and sweet conversation.The people to people contact is a false idea of peace when we know that ISI is attacking us from Pak, Nepal and Bangladesh.The government of the day will have to take cognisance of the spurt in terrorist attacks on civilians.

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