Monday, February 26, 2007

Video conference by Reliance.

We as pharma guys do a lot of CME (continuous medical education) for clients ie Dr's.
Earlier it was done in a big auditorium or hall or a seminar.Now with changing times its getting difficult to get audience from different parts of the country as its time taking and costly. Then there are national medical conferences about which most Dr's agree in camera are waste of time and money as they become picknic spots and family day out for Doctors.
On an average 20% Dr's are studious type with an interest in upgrading there current knowledge!
So we hit upon an idea of doing CME in camera with video conferencing.Taking advantage of the availability of world class
video conferencing facility offered bu Reliance infocom.
It all started good as all and sundry accepted the idea.
One could participate in an all India VCME without travelling out of city.It saved travel time cost and gave wonderful advantage of connecting the remote and tiny cities.
Before the Reliance group was divided between the two Brothers we had a pretty good experience.
But after the split and re branding it has been a far from satisfying experience.The staff seems to be naive, the focus is lacking, the VC room is always filthy with bad Air conditioning, the Vc equipment need repairs and maintenance.
Though they charge good money for this,they are not serious or excited about the future prospect.Since we call the top most Dr's of Mumbai to be our speaker it becomes embarrassing for us.We have started to do double check on them on Saturdays as all VCME happens on Sunday,but they always invents some problem or the other.
Why i am writing all this here? Cause i strongly believe in consumer activism as our repeated complaints have gone unanswered, probably this word of mouth news will push them to introspect.
As for Mr Anil Ambani. Sir you might be doing a wonderful job at your level but your ground staff seems determined to bring you and the brand value of ADAG down.Keep track.
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