Monday, March 26, 2007

Gutsy lady.

The world today is a compact global village with growing influence of electronic media.the happenings in one part of the world affects the other as no country or civilization is insulated any more.That is why last night youngsters and Shakira lovers rocked till wee hours in Mumbai.
Shakira of the Hips don't lie fame and oral fixation was on her first promo tour to India,and what a success it was.
Its a lively example of what a small village the world has turned out to be,one things rocks the world in a horrible way is terrorism and fanaticism!Long gone are the times when terrorist were called freedom fighters and martyrs,there is growing majority which treats terror as a most menacing threat to society.
The underlying reason in most cases is Islamic jehadis fighting the rule of law for what ever objectives they have depending on the region.But it will be safe to say that they want to establish the Islamic rule according to there religious belief.The best effort by the jehadis to secure Islamic state was of Taliban. I shudder to think if the best effort was Taliban ruled Afghanistan what will be the worst??
But when it comes to tackling radicalism and treason in public the leaders and thinkers tend to be politically correct and indirect.The double talk on terror has cost the world a lot and its costing human lives daily.
It takes a lot of courage in today's so called politically correct world to come out and speak the truth and when some one asks questions about Islam, the first threat is threat to life !!
Why the so called religion of peace and friendship is so intolerant?

The new advocate of change in the tenets of Islamic thinking is a lady who was a commoner like us but her life changed after the famous interview on Al zazeera.Yes she is the poster girl ,the Hero of changing face of Islam which is so welcome and long overdue.

Readers here i present the story of a gutsy lady Wafa Sultan.

I read about her in the Readers digest and was impressed to the core for her courage to speak her mind.I admire her tenacity because she is now virtually in House arrest due to the threat to her self and family.
I pray to god for her safety and hope to see more Wafa sultans,cause its the women in Islam who has suffered the maximum and its long they get basic human rights which we thankfully take for granted.
Please spread the word and lets try make world a safer place.Down with terror.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Get back to normal.

To my all bleary eyed compatriots who burnt the midnight oil to sleep in despair agony and hopeless ness!!!
It was painful to see the culmination of last four years a lot of so called planning go in uni direction called defeat,as wickets kept falling so did the shoulders of the fans and family.

It seems wiser were they who snored while India the great Bharat The Blue billion was tamed by the Srilankan Tigers.
Me too went to sleep after Yuvraj run out hoping for the obvious(Thanks to my wife who commanded TV to be switched of as there was no point of return.}

But i know that a majority of viewers must have sat till the last ball for miracles!!!
As in each sense of despair there is a positive side,here are few...

1.Come on India,now we can enjoy cricket for what it is just a game.

2.The news of national importance will now hopefully get some coverage on TV.

3.Politicians will get bit serious in there work as public will start bashing them at the failure of the cricket team!

4.We will be spared of those so called retired cricketers cum cricket experts and there enlightened commentary on cricket.Alas we could have taken national development, health literacy, or poverty with the same elan!!

5.The good sense will prevail again and we will talk about our neighbourhood food culture music and literature,

6.Those of readers who cant still digest the defeat a solemn advice.,think of the poorest man you have ever meet what difference does it make to him if India wins or losses!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Water water everywhere!!!!

Water, water, every where, And all the boards did shrink ; Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink.....

The Earth's 70.8% of the surface is covered by water, The remaining 29.2% not covered by water consists of land, mountains and deserts.
Its a dilemma for people living in coastal city suffering with water shortage.The life giving and nourishing H2O is a commodity now which we pay for daily.
Every Mumbaikar can vouch for his insecurity about water and its consequences.
Whats more pity than announcement of water cut on World Water day.
How many times we notice wastage of potable water and move on as it doesn't make difference to us,Stop there ask questions as its going to affect you me our children in future.
Every city village and state has seen a drop in water table and availability of potable water.
Some cities have made water harvesting "jal chat "compulsory for new buildings.The light of the way was shown by our President APJ Abdul kalam who has told many a times the need for water management.
My village in my child hood had abundant water now its suffering water shortage in April only forget about June July.My fellow villagers sell cows milk at 10/Liter and when in town buy potable water for 12/liter!!!
At the same instance some pharma companies sell IV fluids for less than potable water cost??
Water gives life sustains life but it also takes life and disrupts life.Like all forces of nature it deserves respect and management if not accorded disastrous are not far.
I on my part will be conscious not to waste water in my area of influence,You can also do the same.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cricket angers me.

As a blogger i write things which disturb me excite me or inspire me.My posts which have been written at a spur has been most liked and commented upon.
I am angry today?
I am feeling a sense of taken for a ride?

When my 6 yr old neighbour told me in morning that "India ki nak Kat gayi."(India lost its face)
I was taken aback by her statement what a 6 yr got to do with nationhood and pride? I asked what are you talking about,She replied India lost the cricket match against Bangladesh??
Do you like Cricket?
Do you watch cricket?
No papa watches and we sit!!
Do you play cricket?
No.I love skating and cycling!!

Now a change of scene....

My village center,a group of young guys cursing abusing and in deep despair??
Reason India lost again.
My questions??
Do you play cricket??
Yes,We live breath eat and sleep cricket!!
Why do you love cricket?
Cause i have known no other game since was a tiny tot!!
Do you like Tennis??
Never saw a court in whole life!!
What about Foot ball?
Love it but no ground!!...

Dear reader i can continue on and on.

Why India and Pakistan are crazy about cricket?
Is it attached to our backwardness!!(Illiteracy)

When a fast game of foot ball or tennis can give results in hours,Is it productive to have a one day or five day game!!

Why are we force feed cricket and the trivia 24*7?

Has it got a cartel behind it which drives all thing in a marketing aspect?
Why China or Germany or USA the countries with best athletes dont play cricket??
What will be the scenario of present team if they start playing??
Australians and English love there cricket but why there cricketers remain mortals and our cricketers turn out to be demi gods??
Who makes them demi gods??

The marketing guys!!

What does India get by wasting so much time on a game??
Productivity suffers because TV channels and companies want you to see cricket,live cricket and talk cricket or else they will have to do there real job!!!

India and fellow Indians let cricket be just a game a sport!!
Don't force feed it to younger generation?
Let them get into individual sports?
Let them explore new games?
And for god sake let the team play cricket and be there own??
Poor guys need a life they are mere pawns in the hand of world wide cartel.!!!
Bob woolmer paid the price,.....

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Life changing decisions.

This world survives on the power of knowledge the indomitable spirit of Survival keeps putting forward ideas which make life easier better and comfortable.
The best enjoyed form of life is settling down and establishing a home, a family and a social life around it.We tend to love the place we live and start calling it our own.Those who stayed prior to us also did the same and those who come after will do it again.!!
But comes a time in life when to pursue ones dream a tough and life changing decision is to be taken to challenge the status Que to move out of the prescribed set of rules?
And the ones who take this decision are the brave ones who have vision and a dream to fulfill.
The sphere of spiritual maturity and stability helps one derive at a life changing decision and to move on.The Hindu spirituality teaches of a niskam bhav or the fluid motion,or the greed less emotion.One needs to see a toddler to learn this emotion"How she picks a toy from a bunch, loves it, likes it, licks it and in a smooth fluid motion dropped it to pick the newer favorite without looking back at the last one.When we attain this degree of detachment to things we call precious and desirable the life ahead will be more enlightened and fulfilling.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yahoo personal.

It takes courage of conviction and a fighting attitude to challenge a big giant. So often we feel that a particular company is not giving its best to a project.And one thinks of an alternative but the dissatisfaction passes away with passing time.

But there are some enthusiast who take it in there hands to challenge the Goliath.

I found a classic example in this.
While a biggie like Yahoo personal was doing a decent job of offering dating service,
here comes a challenger offering the
same services .
And its catching up fast on the popularity.It will be a matter of interest to observe as to how long can they sustain there efforts but as of now its going
great guns.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Liz-Arun vivaah!

Cyrus Broacha was born with a funny bone ,this bone has tickeled us for long here is a sample.
His take on Liz Arun wedding!!!!
Good work Cyrus keep it up.

What Mallya entering Cricket??

What’s this? Vijay Mallya seems to have developed a keen interest in cricket. He lent Sharad Pawar a helping hand recently when the latter found that he was unable to attend an important ICC meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, because of commitments in Parliament.

The meeting was slated for March 1, the day after budget presentation and the day before Pawar’s question time in Parliament. Mallya gallantly offered to fly him out in his private plane.

So, immediately after Chidambaram finished his budget speech, Pawar, accompanied by Mallya and Rajiv Shukla, drove to the airport, flew to Cape Town in 12 hours, attended the ICC meet and got back in time to face Parliament.

Although Mallya is a Pawar friend, observers of cricket politics are little surprised by the gesture. Speculation is rife that the liquor baron is eyeing a role in cricket officialdom (through the Karnataka Cricket Association maybe?) after losing to Cyrus Poonawala in the Royal Western India Turf Club election.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More details of Liz Arun wedding.

MUMBAI: By 10 pm the fancy cars had begun rolling up to the Godrejs Juhu bungalow as partytime approached for the power and page 3 crowd. Reports have it that the London festivities at the Oomerbhoys for newlyweds Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar ended in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. But that didn't seem to dampen any of the enthusiasm as the newlyweds, their 100 or so foreign guests and Mumbai's A-list Page 3 crowd headed for Parmeshwar Godrej's do late on Tuesday. The media brigade was also on hand outside the venue for the black-tie affair, patiently waiting for soundbites and glimpses of any of the star cast, if not the lead actors themselves. The ubiquitous men in khaki were also on bandobast. Though reports said that Sir Elton John's good friend, David Furnish, accompanied Hurley and Nayar to Mumbai, there was no news of the singer himself making an appearance. "But he may just airdrop from the sky like he did at the wedding in Gloucestershire,"joked a Bollywood actor, who said he'd be sorely disappointed if he didn't get a chance to meet the singing legend. Zeenat Aman, who lives opposite the Godrejs, made an early appearance. One heard that the industrialists'brigade, including Gautam Singhania and the Ambanis, along with Bollywood heavyweights like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, were to make later appearances. "Parmeshwar asked us to be there between 10 and 10.30,"said one of the guests. The Bollywood brigade was expected by11. Talk is that Shah Rukh, who had to wrap up a celebrity episode of 'Kaun Banega Crorepati'with Sanjay Dutt at faraway Filmcity, would reach only past midnight. Others, like Arjun Rampal, who was said to have flown in especially from Kolkata, was expected to arrive with friends Sanjay Kapoor, Chunky Panday and Karan Johar. "Mallika Sherawat's name is also on the guest list, but she can't make it because she is in the US,"confirmed a trade insider. Many of the party guests were also scheduled to fly to Jodhpur on Wednesday afternoon and stay on till Friday for the Indian-style wedding reception at the Umaid Bhawan Palace and the Meherangarh Fort. Something to the tune of Rs 8 crore to Rs 10 crore is reportedly being spent on the festivities at Jodhpur. The theme—a marriage in heaven—is meant to recreate the magic of a celestial wedding.

Godrej holds party for Hurley, Nayar.

Mumbai, March 7: A star-studded black tie event was hosted on Tuesday by socialite Parmeshwar Godrej in honour of newly-weds Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar.
A posse of journalists and curious onlookers crowded the sprawling Godrej bungalow in suburban Juhu, hoping to catch a glipmse of the British supermodel and her husband as well as other celebrities who were scheduled to attend the party.
Several films stars including Shah Rukh Khan and the cream of Mumbai's glamour brigade were invited to the bash.
The couple, who tied the knot in Britain on Saturday, arrived here yesterday to kick off the second round of their elaborate wedding celebrations that will culminate in a traditional Indian ceremony at a palace-turned-hotel at Jodhpur in Rajasthan.
The couple will leave for Jodhpur tomorrow with some 150 guests.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Two powerhouses.

When only one is good enough to blow your senses think of the pairing of two masters first time Amit ji and R Balkrishnan the maverick adman of india.

Lowe's creative director, Balki is coming out with a movie of his own called 'Chini Kum', starring Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu. The film's tagline is interesting and is called ,'A sugar-free romance'. And without giving the plot away, the film has Amitabh Bachchan saying some pretty philosophical lines to Tabu, while well...proposing to her. The 'sugar-free' fits in because Balki says it's a less mushy movie.

Balkis reason for making a movie??

"There is so much of television happening, that you kind of think you have three hours to tell a story the way you really want it to without any pressure - that's not really true because it's exactly the same thing. There is no great crossover that's required because I think advertising is as exciting. It's just that when you do something for a long time, the grass always seems greener on the other side. But if you just do that (other) thing once, and you'll know how attractive this is!"
Okay, here is a little more tasty tit bit about the movie - both Bachchan and Tabu rag each other into falling in love. So, the dialogues are matter-of-fact and tongue-in-cheek. Also, don't expect it to be the usual candyfloss faff - the kind with too much sugar and that puts you to sleep midway through the film!

So wait for more news...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Internet Bazaar.

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My all the best to Guhan for his future posts and keep sharing your secrets...