Monday, March 19, 2007

Cricket angers me.

As a blogger i write things which disturb me excite me or inspire me.My posts which have been written at a spur has been most liked and commented upon.
I am angry today?
I am feeling a sense of taken for a ride?

When my 6 yr old neighbour told me in morning that "India ki nak Kat gayi."(India lost its face)
I was taken aback by her statement what a 6 yr got to do with nationhood and pride? I asked what are you talking about,She replied India lost the cricket match against Bangladesh??
Do you like Cricket?
Do you watch cricket?
No papa watches and we sit!!
Do you play cricket?
No.I love skating and cycling!!

Now a change of scene....

My village center,a group of young guys cursing abusing and in deep despair??
Reason India lost again.
My questions??
Do you play cricket??
Yes,We live breath eat and sleep cricket!!
Why do you love cricket?
Cause i have known no other game since was a tiny tot!!
Do you like Tennis??
Never saw a court in whole life!!
What about Foot ball?
Love it but no ground!!...

Dear reader i can continue on and on.

Why India and Pakistan are crazy about cricket?
Is it attached to our backwardness!!(Illiteracy)

When a fast game of foot ball or tennis can give results in hours,Is it productive to have a one day or five day game!!

Why are we force feed cricket and the trivia 24*7?

Has it got a cartel behind it which drives all thing in a marketing aspect?
Why China or Germany or USA the countries with best athletes dont play cricket??
What will be the scenario of present team if they start playing??
Australians and English love there cricket but why there cricketers remain mortals and our cricketers turn out to be demi gods??
Who makes them demi gods??

The marketing guys!!

What does India get by wasting so much time on a game??
Productivity suffers because TV channels and companies want you to see cricket,live cricket and talk cricket or else they will have to do there real job!!!

India and fellow Indians let cricket be just a game a sport!!
Don't force feed it to younger generation?
Let them get into individual sports?
Let them explore new games?
And for god sake let the team play cricket and be there own??
Poor guys need a life they are mere pawns in the hand of world wide cartel.!!!
Bob woolmer paid the price,.....


Anonymous said...

I agree. we got to come out of this trance.

Anonymous said...

Bob is dead but that Greg is still alive !

siva said...
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Ajitkumar Wagle said...

I fully agree with you on All counts and feel that it is high time that the people of our country seriously start thinking for other alternatives than cricket