Saturday, March 24, 2007

Get back to normal.

To my all bleary eyed compatriots who burnt the midnight oil to sleep in despair agony and hopeless ness!!!
It was painful to see the culmination of last four years a lot of so called planning go in uni direction called defeat,as wickets kept falling so did the shoulders of the fans and family.

It seems wiser were they who snored while India the great Bharat The Blue billion was tamed by the Srilankan Tigers.
Me too went to sleep after Yuvraj run out hoping for the obvious(Thanks to my wife who commanded TV to be switched of as there was no point of return.}

But i know that a majority of viewers must have sat till the last ball for miracles!!!
As in each sense of despair there is a positive side,here are few...

1.Come on India,now we can enjoy cricket for what it is just a game.

2.The news of national importance will now hopefully get some coverage on TV.

3.Politicians will get bit serious in there work as public will start bashing them at the failure of the cricket team!

4.We will be spared of those so called retired cricketers cum cricket experts and there enlightened commentary on cricket.Alas we could have taken national development, health literacy, or poverty with the same elan!!

5.The good sense will prevail again and we will talk about our neighbourhood food culture music and literature,

6.Those of readers who cant still digest the defeat a solemn advice.,think of the poorest man you have ever meet what difference does it make to him if India wins or losses!!!

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