Monday, March 26, 2007

Gutsy lady.

The world today is a compact global village with growing influence of electronic media.the happenings in one part of the world affects the other as no country or civilization is insulated any more.That is why last night youngsters and Shakira lovers rocked till wee hours in Mumbai.
Shakira of the Hips don't lie fame and oral fixation was on her first promo tour to India,and what a success it was.
Its a lively example of what a small village the world has turned out to be,one things rocks the world in a horrible way is terrorism and fanaticism!Long gone are the times when terrorist were called freedom fighters and martyrs,there is growing majority which treats terror as a most menacing threat to society.
The underlying reason in most cases is Islamic jehadis fighting the rule of law for what ever objectives they have depending on the region.But it will be safe to say that they want to establish the Islamic rule according to there religious belief.The best effort by the jehadis to secure Islamic state was of Taliban. I shudder to think if the best effort was Taliban ruled Afghanistan what will be the worst??
But when it comes to tackling radicalism and treason in public the leaders and thinkers tend to be politically correct and indirect.The double talk on terror has cost the world a lot and its costing human lives daily.
It takes a lot of courage in today's so called politically correct world to come out and speak the truth and when some one asks questions about Islam, the first threat is threat to life !!
Why the so called religion of peace and friendship is so intolerant?

The new advocate of change in the tenets of Islamic thinking is a lady who was a commoner like us but her life changed after the famous interview on Al zazeera.Yes she is the poster girl ,the Hero of changing face of Islam which is so welcome and long overdue.

Readers here i present the story of a gutsy lady Wafa Sultan.

I read about her in the Readers digest and was impressed to the core for her courage to speak her mind.I admire her tenacity because she is now virtually in House arrest due to the threat to her self and family.
I pray to god for her safety and hope to see more Wafa sultans,cause its the women in Islam who has suffered the maximum and its long they get basic human rights which we thankfully take for granted.
Please spread the word and lets try make world a safer place.Down with terror.


Waterfalls Insights said...

Wow thank you so much for bringing Wafa Sultan to my attention. I have added her information site to my links on my spiritual page. She is a modern day hero.
I will try and blog about her today too.


Amit Shekhar said...

Welcome Nancy its so nice to know that you liked the post. Lets pray for Wafa.