Sunday, March 18, 2007

Life changing decisions.

This world survives on the power of knowledge the indomitable spirit of Survival keeps putting forward ideas which make life easier better and comfortable.
The best enjoyed form of life is settling down and establishing a home, a family and a social life around it.We tend to love the place we live and start calling it our own.Those who stayed prior to us also did the same and those who come after will do it again.!!
But comes a time in life when to pursue ones dream a tough and life changing decision is to be taken to challenge the status Que to move out of the prescribed set of rules?
And the ones who take this decision are the brave ones who have vision and a dream to fulfill.
The sphere of spiritual maturity and stability helps one derive at a life changing decision and to move on.The Hindu spirituality teaches of a niskam bhav or the fluid motion,or the greed less emotion.One needs to see a toddler to learn this emotion"How she picks a toy from a bunch, loves it, likes it, licks it and in a smooth fluid motion dropped it to pick the newer favorite without looking back at the last one.When we attain this degree of detachment to things we call precious and desirable the life ahead will be more enlightened and fulfilling.


Anonymous said...

Bravo all the best.

Raj, said...

Buddha called it - No Mind
J.Krishnamurti called it - Choiceless Awareness
Of late its called - Living in the Now.

Amit Shekhar said...

Thanks Raj for your comments.