Saturday, April 14, 2007

What a life???

Some times in our life we take some decisions which completely changes the way we live our life??
I did that last month when i changed my job from sales to training?Though in the same organisation,the vibes are good i am getting to settle and loving what i do.
Will keep posting about the changes and discoveries along the way.
I shall continue to blog about Bombay and life in this dream city.
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anil said...

let not decisions influence your life...let you influence them...and see the best happening with you..surely, the best is gonna come your way then...


anil said...

how about ahmedabad today in the due course of time?

Sindy said...

Best of luck in your new position! I am very passionate about training, I am certain you'll enjoy this new challenge.

Amit Shekhar said...

Thanks Anil and Sindy,will need your help and expertise.