Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A place to live.

Mumbai the metro police of dreams is bursting at the seem i can say this with conviction now.The last time i said this was after my trip to Delhi in Feb07.Now that i am in Ahmadabad i Can feel the difference and the intoxication of Mumbai.
Mumbai has become a overrated and a dichotomy as people flock to seek what it has not.
The overcrowded,no overcrowded is a mild word, only a pissed off daily traveler can tell you what is the condition of the local trains.Its a life endangering daily chore which a mumbaikar has to go through daily as there is no option available.
Provided the alternative very few will select the inhuman locals.Every year 3500 human lives are lost due to pathetic train service .But poor janta has no other option but to continue to push and shove and hang for dear life daily.
Surprisingly the Chalta hai attitude of Mumbai is taking its toll as no political party bothers to champion the common mans cause.
The dream city is exploited by one and all i shiver to think of how it will look in a few years down the line.
I had called this city Home for eight years and its close to my heart but i am very happy in Ahmedabad cause i feel i have become homo sapience again!!

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dhara said...

I stay at Ahmedabad and have been born and brought up here. I have been to places ranging from within gujarat (Jamnagar) to outside gujarat (Karnataka)and outside India (Riyadh, KSA)for various periods of time to stay. And believe me that there's no other place like Ahmedabad. No, its not because its my home town! But where else will you find beautiful girls of all ages going on the road with friends or alone at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning (during navratris) and still feel absolutely safe. Here, liquor flows. they say, like under ground river; but still it is a taboo to openly drink in most homes. And it does make the roads safer...I had a couple of friends from Assam studying with me in college and once they came for a late night movie and I can still visualize those ecstatic faces as they were able to see how a town would look like at midnight...Picture is not always rosy and crime do occur here but I would vouch for this place anytime. there's no better place to raise your childre! :)Welcome to Ahmedabad!!