Thursday, May 31, 2007

Whats happening.

Those who follow the Indian media will know of the Nanda hit and run accident of Delhi involving BMW.The case keeps lingering with the rich trying to subvert justice.The Judiciary takes its own diabetically sweet time and the victims family live in agony.They are threatened and lured by the offender.The witness changes the statements and the prosecution asks the witness to accept money from defence and withdraw from case.When NDTV catches the conniving lawyer on camera in a sting the shameless fellow turn his shit eating grin and says it was a joke he made to the witness.What a farce of the justice system.
India if wants to be the world leader it can not have a judicial system of ancient times.People die fighting for justice or simply let it pass.The politicians benefit the most with a lame judiciary so they will not take any initiative to rectify the anomaly.
It calls for a second round of the famed judicial activism or else people will keep getting killed by reckless rich and pompous brutes,they know its how easy to get away.

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