Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sex workers saving.

A cooperative bank in Kamathipura of Mumbai has given sex workers a new lease of life by helping them learn how to save their earnings.

Mangala a sex worker shops at a supermarket, deposits her earnings regularly, and can even hope to own a flat of her own one-day.

This is all thanks to the Sangini Mahila Seva Cooperative Society, which has opened a banking and credit society at Kamathipura's 12th lane.

''This is very beneficial. We usually spend the money we earn. But this way, we don't even feel like we have saved it,'' said Mangala.

The credit society has deposited its corpus with a nationalised bank and plans to tie up with a financial agency for micro finance.

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Huginn & Muninn said...

hi- could you send contact details for Sangini, if you have them? Much obliged...