Monday, October 29, 2007

Beyonce in Mumbai.

She came, she saw and she conquered us all with her every bootylicious move! But no one knows a very important detail of the spellbinding Beyonce concert.

The oohs and aahs were audible when the ‘Crazy In Love’ singer stepped onstage wearing a pink lehenga-choli that was put together for her by apna Rocky S.

“I got as call from Beyonce’s manager the morning of the concert requesting me to bring a couple of outfits that Beyonce could try on for the concert later in the day,” says an excited Rocky, who took over two dozen outfits with him to the hotel, out of which Beyonce choose over a dozen pieces she liked immensely.

“After she zeroed in on the pink lehenga-choli, she selected another outfit for the after-show party and also 12 more pieces to take back. I feel honoured that she chose me to do her outfits — and that too in a matter of hours before the show!”

Soparrkar shows her how to dance the tango, on Shakira’s recommendation!

In March, it was the cha-cha and the samba with Latin sensation Shakira. And now in October, Latin-American dance choreographer Sandip Soparrkar did the tango and paso doble with hottie Beyonce!

While the bootylicious singer made Mumbaiites shake their booties on Saturday, yesterday, Sandip showed Beyonce some moves of his own.

Word has it that Beyonce wanted a lesson in Latin American dancing, and it was none other than her popstar friend Shakira who recommended that her teacher be Sandip.

For those not in the groove, Shakira had taken an half-hour dance class with Sandip when she was in the city for her own concert earlier this year.

But Beyonce’s dance class was a no-frills attached one. In fact, it was also a no-perfume allowed one! Apparently, this ‘destiny’s child’ is highly allergic to perfumes — she gets an allergic reaction if perfume touches her body — so Sandip was warned not to wear any fragrance for the class! The sweet ‘smell’ of success, we’d say!

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