Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New local trains in Mumbai??

A new set of local trains are being introduced by the Western Railway - the first of which was flagged off on Monday.

Mumbai's super local have it all - break neck speed, better ventilation and comfortable seating.

The notable features of the train are extra bars at the door for people to hold on to, high power blowers for better ventilation and double size windows especially for standing commuters.

Apart from this it comprises GPS controlled display boards - one special feature tailor made for the choc-a-block trains.

''The blowers have sensors that can detect high carbon dioxide levels and pump in oxygen so people don't suffocate,'' said K C Jena, Chairman Railway Board.

''It's airy and there is more light but the most important thing is frequency without that I don't know how it will help,'' said Jennifer Mirza, Filmmaker.

Twelve-coach train is made to carry 2500 passengers but as soon as it entered the suburban train network it was already carrying 7000.

So what will become of this brand new baby by the time it is well travelled needs to looked out at.

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Prajwal Kabra said...

its great to hear that and i like the colour and all.........it all awesome.