Thursday, December 06, 2007

Good old money order.

There was a time when the village post man will bring the money order from the worker based in city to his family. The arrival of the postman meant happiness,joy fulfillment and a lot of anticipation.The poor lady running the household in the absence of the head will pay the prime lenders like the grocery guy and the money lender.
The remaining sum will meet the ends for few days only,after this another long wait for the next postal money order which use to take 10-15 days to reach. I have seen poor villagers pay an illegitimate commission to the post master and the post man. The one not complying to the ransom will have to run around to get his money in time!

Consider the scenario today with the advancement in technology and the penetration of the Internet in village have given multiple options to send money or receive money.The ways of money transfer are many, bank account to account,visa card to visa card,transfer through phone etc.

The real beneficiaries are the parents of the NRIs who can get instant money transfer to India from abroad.Like a guy based in USA can pass on a prepaid visa card to his parents in India which can be used at any visa ATM around the world.That means to send money to India one need not go through a time consuming and expensive old way.
The new secured and visa certified website are reliable and profesional,though one must be discreet in on-line transactions to maintain the confidentiality and security.

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